Sunday, March 13, 2022

Jan Shatabdi Goa-Mumbai Vistadome Coach - Review

Indian Railways seems to be trying really hard to attract tourists back to trains, since most opt/prefer flights due to various reasons - the main probably being hygiene, cleanliness and comfort. One such attempt is by introducing the luxurious vistadome coach on certain routes.

I have been fond of train travel since a kid, lot of nostalgic memories of visiting Nani's place every summer and the train journeys to and fro. Ofcourse, now as a grown up with a kid, I cannot sleep or be at peace in a train and hence end up avoiding trains for long routes - plus with a full time job, don't even have the time.

My journey in the vistadome happened completely incidentally. For our journey back from Goa from a week's workation, I had booked the executive coach in Goa to Mumbai Janshatabdi Express. I only got to know later that the executive coach or EV on this train is a vistadome coach! I was thrilled and so was the kiddo, because we are always on the lookout for new experiences.

We boarded the train from Thivim station in Goa, the train was around half an hour late. The vistadome coach was large window panes and glass panes on the ceiling to give you a unparalleled view of the scenic route. There is a separate section for luggage and 2 clean western toilets equipped with toilet roll and disposable seat covers. It was very clean both times I visited.


There also is a separate pantry, dedicated attendant and cleaner for the coach. Food options are available for evening snacks (Maggi, Sandwiches, Omlette, Patties, etc) along with tea and coffee, and then for dinner (friend rice, biryani, thali etc). Though, these are all NOT included in the already expensive fare.

The seats are plush and comfortable, with its own charging socket and folding table. The seats are 360 degree rotating - and this is a BIG thing. Earlier in the Tejas Express chair car that I travelled in, the seats were facing with us going backwards direction - and this put my kiddo who was much younger than in a lot of unease. 

The viewing dock in the front is pretty useless when travelling from Goa to Mumbai because the geniuses decided to have the engine situated in front of it. Do book this coach when going to Goa, then you will get to enjoy the view totally. Plus also the fact that once the sun sets it is dark outside and the windows and view is of no use, so in the Goa to Mumbai journey you only get to enjoy the view for 3-4 hours.

Lastly, the fare is equal to a early booked flight ticket - but I still feel the train is good if you are planning to stay in North Goa. Definitely to be experienced once.

To sum it up:

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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Beyond gifting with - something for big and small, one and all.

 I am a total fan of cute and unique merch, stationery and other fancy things and it is my weakness that I cannot stop myself from buying. One such website I love and have been buying from since years is They have an amazing range of theme and age wise gifting and stationery options, so if you are a Harry Potter fan, Star Wars fan, FRIENDS fan, football fan or any other more such fandom-  there will be a wide range of things to select and gift (of gift yourself, because, love yourself).

I want to share some really unique quirky things I purchased this time in my haul:

1. Diamond Ice Mold (Rs.399) :

I always wanted to have fancy bar ware and keep adding to it, and this diamond ice mold is perfect for Whiskey or any drink that you want to "richen up", pun intended. Comes with a funnel and is silicon so easily washable. 

I used regular filter water to make the ice diamonds, but I think if you use boiled water that is cooled, you get clear transparent ice. Did you know that?

I also plan to use these molds to make diamond chocolates soon. Since they are silicon you can make various things!

2. Bright Bugz V-Light (Rs.399)

I am always looking for cool ways to keep kiddo engaged without screen and this cool light trick is something he chose for himself! And not just kids, it keeps adults engaged and entertained too! Available in different colours.  

3. Webcam Cover - Set of 3

The new normal means virtual meetings and video calls, and even apart from that the constant cyber risks - so I always wanted these webcam covers to avoid embarrassing/awkward situations as well as have some cyber safety. Easy to apply and compatible with any laptop/tablet.

Don't forget to checkout their amazing range of cute and adorable collectibles and gifting options! There is something for everyone, big or small, one and all!