Friday, February 11, 2022

Hairtamin Versus Power Gummies Versus Setu Hair Strong - India Review (After using 3 months each)

 Whether it is COVID or vaccination side effects or simply the stress of WFH life, I hear all my friends, acquaintances or relatives complain of increased hair fall/loss. I myself was having hair fall and thinning issues and I decided I need to do something about it.

Hairtamins Advanced Formula:

I first heard of Hairtamin because I followed influencers endorsing the brand and the ingredients and results both looked extremely promising. Hairtamin is an international brand and hence when you import it to India, be mindful of the shipping and custom charges. I also had to submit a declaration to the shipping company declaring that the supplements were for self usage. 


1. Natural ingredients, in an easy to consume capsule that can be taken anytime.

2. Bottle of 3 or 6 always have deals and offers.

3. While I was using the product, I did notice reduction in hair-fall.


1. Expensive when you add shipping and customs (they should have an India presence).

2. When I stopped using the product hair fall/loss was back - no-one wants to be dependent or crippled by a supplement. (I cannot be sure, but this is how it was for me).

3. Shipping takes time.

Power Gummies:

Digital marketing and social media remarketing and targeted ads are really amazing. I know that because I do that for a living myself. The minute I interacted with Hairtamin on Instagram, I started getting ads from competition supplements and vitamin companies. The one that caught my eye was Power Gummies and I soon placed an order for a pack of 3, since my hairfall woes continued.


1. Comparatively cheaper (than Hairtamin) and no shipping or custom charges since made in India.

2. Love their packaging - especially when you buy a pack of 3.


1. The sticky sweet gummy format is not for all. Unnecessary intake of sugar plus worry of tooth decay! And extra sweetness is not for all. I mean, we're not kids.

2. I don't think the supplement had any benefit for my hair (I used it for 3 months) not sure if it would have if I continued for more time. And just like with Hairtamin, my hairfall/loss increased again massively when I stopped consuming it.

SETU Hair Strong:

After the previous two trials, my hairfall had massively increased. I did have health issues like Dengue, Migraine and then the vaccination jabs. Lot of hypothesis and guess works can be made but something had me loosing hair in chunks. I did also have a lot of stress at that time. I was panicking and thought maybe third time's the charm. SETU is a brand I have tried before for their turmerich capsules or gummies, and they have the supplement in a strip format. So capsule, gummy and now strip. :D


1. FINALLY, a product that works. Or at-least, my Hairfall/loss is in control. I have had the strip for 2 months now, and definitely a visible change. Cannot be surely if it is solely the strips or other conditions like weather/stress levels too. 

2. I like the strip format, it has a pleasant taste and melts. 

3. Offers - I bought a refill on a buy 2 get 2 offer that has me sorted for 4 months. 

4. Packaging - Each strip is individually packed, making it super travel friendly. You can literally carry them in your waller or travel kit for the number of days you need them for.


1. Honestly, I cannot think of anything pressing - but maybe the taste of the strip is not for all, that may bother a few, but it is negligible.

2. As someone who supports sustainability I definitely feel that each strip being packed individually means more plastic waste (I believe the packaging is plastic). Maybe they could crack a planet-friendly bio-degradable packaging. 

Also, I should add, that most of these products also claim that they aid better skin and nails as well, due to the ingredients - I definitely feel my nail are stronger and grow faster, but I feel my skin is pretty much the same, with breakouts due to hormonal cycles or clogged pores.

Now of-course, I do not know what will happen once I stop taking these, will update if that happens, as of now I have stocked up for 4-5 months.

I hope this helps you choose a suitable hair supplement for your needs!