Saturday, July 3, 2021

Support artisans & opt for handicrafts with!

If you know me, you know that I am a creative person who loves art and craft and of course handicrafts hold a special place in my heart. Handmade with love > Machine-made mass-produced anytime! I was so excited to discover yet another gifting and decor site called and their collection and offerings are never-ending! Right from handpainted buttons and drawer knobs to ready-made or ready-to-stitch fabric to even toys - they have got a wide variety of handmade products under one roof. In fact I had a tough time selecting designs, such a wide variety I was highly confused.

Here is a quick haul of 5 products under Rs.1500, yes you got me right:

1. Sitalpati शीतल पाटी Grass Handwoven Fabric Embellished Sling Bag Rs.750/-

This is such a nice mid-sized bag perfect for storing your phone, wallet, mask, sanitizer & spectacles/sunglasses on a quick trip to the grocery store or while running errands. In fact, my mom loved it so much, I had to let her keep it.

How cute are these cotton scrunchies with the tie-up bow or you can use them with your braids as well. They were there in so many cute prints that I just wanted them all. A lot of online stores sell scrunchies these days, I would urge you to buy these, they're so good and you are supporting local artisans!

3. Doll (Set of 5) - Handpainted Wooden Toy Rs.300/-

I have always wanted Russian dolls and this desi version was so cute! Something to keep in the living room and something for the kiddo to play with too. Did you know nesting dolls represent values of family, respecting elders, unity of extended family etc. And the price makes it all the more worth it, I am sure if you would buy it elsewhere you would end up paying a lot more.

4. Handmade Patchwork Pencil Pouch Rs.150/-

I am a sucker for stationery and this patchwork pouch is perfect for me to store all my pens, pencils, and colors! Again, there were soooo many options that just wanted them all.  In fact, they make a great gift/return gift as well - for birthday parties or kitty parties and so on.

5. Patchwork Fabric Cover Handmade Paper Scrapbook/ Sketchbook Rs.190/-

This handmade paper scrapbook with a patchwork cover is so pretty! I actually have a collection of books and I have not even used them. I plan to use this one to stick photos/souvenirs and make it into a nice way to store all my memories!

Apart from this, I loved the cute personalized touch of them writing a note and also giving a free pair of earrings - so cute - a perfect match for my black kurtis. Even ther box and packaging was unique and sustainable - reusing paper and newspaper - it felt really nice to see all these efforts being taken.

I really cannot wait to buy more things from - especially the kurtis, stoles, jewelry and home decor items. They also have cloth masks - in so many prints! Stay tuned for more such website reviews and discoveries.

Don't forget to check their Rakhi gifts and hampers!


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