Sunday, January 10, 2021

Make your guests remember the visit! Unique home & decor products from 'Exclusivelane'.

 The first article of 2021, so let me start by wishing everyone a #HappyNewYear! May this new year bring good health and an abundance of happiness! We have been most lucky to meet our loves ones in the past few months, where there have been travel and other relaxations. Nothing can be compared to talking to your friends and relatives over a cuppa coffee or a good meal!

I wanted to buy some things for my home, and be ready to welcome guests once again, and stumbled upon this wonderful site called Just like their name says, they have a very well-curated range of home decor, kitchen, garden, accessories, and a lot of other things for you and your home!

Let me quickly show you what I purchased in about 2000INR.

1. Hand-painted half-cup set of 2:

If you're an ardent chai and coffee lover like me, who can have it any time of the day, you must have definitely tried to cut down on the portions and ask for "aadhi cup chai" or half cup coffee. When your guests ask you for just half a cup of tea next time, serve it in this literal half cup, and see their reaction! The unique cups are definitely conversation starters, microwave safe, and look amazing. The only downside is they aren't the most comfortable for daily use I felt - as you have to be a bit careful when placing it down or drinking out of it - not for clumsy folks.


2. Hand-painted salt and pepper shaker set of 2:

We needed to get new shakers, and instead of getting the typical ones, I loved these hand-painted ones with cute huts and houses made on them. And the best thing is, if you like the print, they have an entire collection of plates, platters, etc - so you can also have the entire theme if you are looking at having the entire set. They're really cute, so the next time you are adding seasoning to your dishes, you are also appreciating art at the same time!

3. Sheesha Wood spice box with spoon

While the box is sold as a spice box in their store, it actually is a box of endless possibilities! A good quality wooden box with compartments that you can use to fill with spices, or fill with mouth-fresheners and supaaris for your guests, or even fill with a variety of candy for your lil guests. And not just that, you can also use it to organize and store your trinkets - rings, pendants, or any other nick-nacks. 

They also have wonderful planters, jewelry and so much more - that you can buy for yourself or even gift to someone if you're looking for a unique and not mass-produced gift option!

All the items were shipped in careful packaging, since they are delicate items, and came to be intact, and it took about a week for the items to be delivered.

The best part is that they support local artisans, and you can also see different artisans featured on their page - so if you are someone who is "Vocal for Local" too, then this site should definitely be explored. Happy Shopping!

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