Sunday, June 21, 2020

Lockdown Diaries - #ShareTheLoad

Mom, why did Coronavirus come?

Asks my 5 year old son.

Inquisitive, curious minds, answers are a must.

I say, the virus has come to teach us, son.

Teach us what, mom?

Teach us some important lessons, beta.

Give me an example mom.

Hmm, the virus has made me work from home.

Thanks to that, I get to spend more time with you,

And watch you grow, nourish & thrive!

Yes mom, I love that you’re home!

What else has the virus taught us mom?

Look at dadaji beta, what is he doing?

Mom, he is dusting & sweeping the floor.

Was he doing that before, son?

No, mom! The virus must have taught him so!

Yes! I think so too!

Now look at your dad, what is he doing?

He’s cooking yummy fried rice today mom!

Will you have some?

Of-course beta, I would love that!

The lockdown has made us enjoy so many dishes made at home!

What else has the virus taught us mom?

Well, beta, what did you help me with today morning?

Today morning? I helped you do the laundry!

Yes! You helped me put the clothes in the machine,

And you helped me put them to dry!

I quite enjoyed it mom! We should do it even when the virus has gone!

Certainly, beta! I’d like that too!

Wow mom, the virus has taught us so many things!

Maybe, it is not that bad after all!

Hahahaha! My innocent one!

I’m not sure if the virus is good, 

But the time we’re spending together at home, sharing the load, is surely wonderful!

Hope you enjoyed this little attempt at me jotting down my lockdown diaries. In-fact, not just at my home, even at my parent's home everyone is helping each other, my dad is helping in the kitchen, helping with laundry and making sure my mom doesn't have to do everything alone! Sharing the load has always been important, but with no access to help from outside, family's got to help each other! 

In the beginning it was really tough, I could not wait for my helping aid to be back. But I'll be honest, with 3+ months of lockdown I have gotten used to the routine and doing everything, with chores divided - we are in a set routine!

#ShareTheLoad #ShareTheLaundry #ShareChoresMultiplyLove

I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda


  1. I loved the write-up! It not only allows one to see the positive side of the lockdown but instils so much hope! At my home too, we have all been sharing the load to ensure that life moves smoothly. Thank you for writing this piece :).

  2. Wonderful write up! Loved it and so relatable!

  3. Relatable. Lockdown has really made us all think!