Sunday, March 22, 2020

What will happen when the pandemic ends? #Coronavirus #Covid19

What will we do once the pandemic gets over? Will we go back to shutting our eyes to what is going on around us? Will we start taking everything and everyone for granted, again?

Will we start being apathetic towards others? Will be start arguing with our helpers again and demand to deduct from their salaries?

Will we go back to saying "I don't have any time for this" to our kids, families and loved ones? Will be stop maintaining cleanliness and start throwing thrash around again?

Will the world go back to it's cross-border fights and competitiveness instead of being united as it currently is? Will the skies and oceans that are currently blue and clear turn grey again?

Will we stop praying again? Will we stop appreciating being alive, having a roof/home to protect us and being able to work remotely thanks to technology?

The choice will be ours, or will there be a chance to choose?

Promise to change. Promise to remember these times.
Etch the memories in your minds.
Let's not forget and go back to how things were earlier.
Let's remember, learn and grow.

I promise to appreciate life more. I promise to love more. I promise to smile more. I promise to help more. I promise to live more.