Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The importance of breakfast in my family

Till last year, we, as a family were not taking breakfast too seriously. We would make do with the quick tea and biscuits/toast and rush kiddo to school with his tiffin and then, ourselves run to work. But it was a really bad decision, we observed the feeling of being tired and low on energy by noon, craving for junk food, eating a heavy lunch and more.

And if we ourselves do not follow a healthy lifestyle, how can we expect our kids to? Children copy whatever the adults in the family do – so it is vital that we set the right example so that they eat a wholesome breakfast as well. Children who eat breakfast regularly perform better at school. 

Habitual breakfast consumption is positively associated with learning in children in terms of behaviour, cognition and school performance. There are tons of articles, facts and studies out there talking about the importance of a good breakfast – so I won’t dwell into the details but here are some important things to note –

I am not a nutritionist or diet expert, and I think the good old upma, poha and parathas are good on some days, but as a working mother, I honestly don’t have the time in the mornings to prepare these dishes – so I find ready-to-eat cereals and oats better! Believe it or not, my personal favourite among cereals is Kellogg’s Special K with warm milk. I have been regularly having Kellogg’s cereals at breakfast for quite a while now.

Kellogg’s cereals are not just our favourite but it is also the one thing we all unanimously love at home (that literally does not happen for any food item, except chocolates!). My kid loves all the variants of Kellogg’s chocos with milk and my husband likes Kellogg’s Muesli Nut Delight – so we enjoy that before we head to school and office. Sometimes the toddler will refuse to eat anything before school so I give him milk and then keep dry Kellogg’s in his tiffin. 

The brand’s production process is quite simple.  Their Seed-To-Spoon story reflects simple processing methodology. The flakes are prepared from grains by cooking and toasting are not fried. I also love the fact that Kellogg’s has a range of cereals to meet choices and preferences of people – be it Corn Flakes, Muesli, Oats or All-Bran. All our favourite breakfast cereals are housed under one brand roof!

And if you are bored of having your cereal the plain way with milk, there is so much you can experiment with – smoothies, smoothie bowls, with yoghurt, in a parfait – there is no end. In fact you can check some ideas and recipes to follow on the Kellogg’s website as well.

This national nutrition month, spread the message about the importance of breakfast , share this post with your loved ones to remind them to #BreakTheHabit of skipping it.

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