Sunday, September 2, 2018

Short poems by @stunningmoon Part 1

Whenever I have a hard time expressing myself, I try poetry. Now obviously, I'm no poet or author so the only thing I really do is make rhymes. But here are a couple that I wrote when I was hurting. Do let me know what you honestly think about them!

Hopelessly hopeless

I don't want to quit,
But doesn't look like you need me.
I've done my bit,
But don't think you hear me.
Rock bottom is what I've hit,
But do you want to save me?
I've lost my wit,
And for that you'll agree with me.

Through thick and thin

Times are tough, things are not easy.
I can't promise they'll be better & breezy.
It's very easy to put blames,
But that will simply result in us going up in flames.
I need you to know that we gotto be strong.
You for me & me for you all the way long.
Then facing the world will be a piece of cake.
Have some patience darling, we must not break.

If you find these okay, I'll be back with more!

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