Sunday, July 29, 2018

What's new on Netflix! #StreamTeam

Hello readers! As you are aware, more than TV, we watch online streaming shows and being part of Netflix India's #StreamTeam, I want to share the latest updates and shows that have got me excited!

1. Smart Download -

Currently rolled out for android devices, now when you're watching a show/series, the next episode will automatically download using WiFi while you're watching the previous one. Not only that, it will also delete watched episode on it's own! Watch the video to know more:

2. New profile character avatars -

Earlier, all the account profiles had to be selected from a limited set of avatars which were kinda boring. Now you can select your profile DP/avatar from your favourite Netflix shows like Stranger Things, Lost In Space, Series of unfortunate events and more! Here is how my account looks like -

3. New shows - 

While we wait patiently for our fav shows to come with new seasons, there are so many new offerrings being added week on week, month on month! For adults, who are okay with violence and mature content - Sacred Games (based on a book) is a must watch! Featuring Saif Ali Khan and Nawazzudin Sidiqui. There also are new shows for preschoolers - Treehouse Detectives, Harvey Street Kids, The epic tales of Captain Underpants, Boss Baby - Back in Business and more! A lot of new chick-flicks and rom-coms that I saw and liked - Set It Up, Kissing Booth, Ali's Wedding, I feel pretty and more. Also, if you're into cooking shows like I am, Nailed It is back with a Season 2, and there is another cool dessert show called Sugar Rush which has Zumbo as a judge again (From Zumbo's Just Desserts). The monsoons and staying indoors got a lot more fun with the plethora of shows and movies to choose from!

4. Giveaway and free month of Netflix!

Did you know that your first month of Netflix is free? Yess! Netflix allows you to fill in your details and try Netflix for free for a month! And if you don't like it (which is like next to impossible due to the amount of content there is) you can discontinue your subscription, and if you do love it you can continue and be charged from the 2nd month onwards! So if you haven't seen somethng you heard rave reviews about, here is a chance to watch for free!

Last but NOT the least! I am giving away a supercool Netflix goodie bag which will have some cool stuff to ONE lucky winner. What do you have to do? SIMPLE. Just comment here with your favourite Netflix show and why do you love it. (Open for residents of India only). All the best!


  1. Though I am hooked on to the current series of Sacred Games, my most favourite show will definitely be Stranger Things. Who doesn't love Eleven �� Other favourites include Orange is the new black, Black Mirror, Better Call Saul, House of Cards and last but not the least Narcos

  2. Narcos used to be my favorites from all but after Sacred Games, there is a new favorite of many of us. As its full desi and raw.

  3. I am currently watching That ‘70s Show. I love how I can watch new shows and my favourite old shows too. My most favourite show is Brooklyn99 and I do wish season 5 would be aired on netflix India! I love it for the brilliant characterisation, how the script has literally so many social issues covered and in such a humorous manner. AND, the cast! ��
    I also loved Good Girls.
    Love Netflix for bringing good Indian content like Sacred Games, Love per square foot, etc. totally hooked and how! ��

  4. Based on the content my personal best is 13 reasons why and talking about in its pure form sacred games has raised the bar for Indian series.

  5. Sacred games has been the best...acting and some quirky dialogues..

  6. Just finished watching Lust stories and I was surprised to see India's contribution to Netflix firstly and most importantly for showing such bold content to public. Netflix has really taken over me and would really thank for making me switch from regular daily soaps to such wonderful series.

  7. Shivashankar Biradar (
    Netflix is amazing with its emphasize on original content. Netflix always have the content I need, be it travel, sci-fi, science, biography, environment, humor, talk shows, fictions. I'm putting my favourite list which seemed were really fascinating for me so far with my 4 years of Netflix experience. I'm including more Netflix original content-

    1. Stanger things which is ofcourse best with story line about parallel universe and kids would love to watch and 'Dark' does same too, it hold to an very interesting concept of events occurring in past relating to current ones which seems inevitable this is suited for more of adults.
    2. Black Mirror - sci-fi things which may be part of human life next, there already quite a lot happening. Like an uber/ola chauffeur asking about his rating is one real life example or be it with VR and agumebted reality.
    3.Narcos and there lots of cartel episodes but narcos definitely got its charm and amazing casting captured brutally and Country's brink to narco war.
    4. Dark tourist - The darker infamous tourist spots and unbiased journalism hold pretty well, I would have never known something so strange really happens in this world.

    Let me keep just title list of must watch in Netflix
    1. My next guest need no introduction
    2. Sacred games, lust stories and Powder - indian content
    3. Wild wild country
    4. Dirty money
    5. Money heist
    6. BBC- 'Wild Alaska' and 'Wild China'
    7. 'Abstract' and 'The art of'
    8. Genius

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  8. No doubt, Sacred Games is my favourite Netflix show because 'kabhi kabhi lagta hai Nawazuddin hi bhagwan hai'.

  9. I loved Sacred Games, and m currently hooked on to Orange is the New Black :)

  10. Alterd carbon and narcos are the most favourite shows for me so far. Narcos is based on real life incidents presented in cinematic way and alterd carbon on other hand is a different approach showing about future.

  11. So many favourites that it's hard to pick just one - Orange is the new black, Narcos, Fuller House, Grace and Frankie. I recently got hooked onto Sacred Games and I binge watched the show like there was no tomorrow. I am immensely proud that we got to put up such spectacular Indian content on a global platform like Netflix.
    But honestly, I am partial to all the food shows that Netflix has to offer. My favourite is Chef's Table because everytime I watch it, I realise why I fell in love with food and food writing. The production quality is out of this world, and the content is unparalleled to any other food show. The show has motivated me to create a little food bucket list and try and eat at a few of the restaurants they've highlighted. I ate at Ivan Ramen in New York last year after I was moved by his personal journey. We also nibbled on Christina Tossi's cookies from Milk bar, both restaurants were featured on the show. No other show has motivated and inspired me as much as Chefs Table has.

  12. We have Netflix but I don't have time to watch too much tv. If I had to give feedback, I'd say Netflix needs to work on cerating more family friendly content. I'd also love if they made content for adults that wasn't so mature audience (cursing, nudity,etc)

    1. I really think Netflix is trying to make more family friendly content. Like Lost In Space for example, have you seen that one?

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