Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tips to bond with your baby/ toddler: Ultimate goals

Being a parent is not just about providing your kid with a house, clothes, food, education and other necessities. It is so much more than that and if you’re a parent, you already know that! When our baby comes into this world and when you first hold him in your arms, there is a magical bond between you and the new born.
I was just not able to believe that I had given birth to another human - an actual living person, who was inside me for 9 months!

If you’re a working mother like me, there is very little time that is spent with the kids; and hence it becomes very important to bond with them in that little time, or else for all you know, in a few years you wouldn’t know your kiddo’s likes or dislikes. They might not even be comfortable to open up to you and share their secrets! So what to do? 

1. 15 minutes of UNDIVIDED ATTENTION

15 minutes. Sounds too little in a day that has 1,440 minutes, right? But how often do we actually give our whole undivided attention to our children WITHOUT being distracted by our smartphones, television sets, household chores, etc.

To confess, I have been like that until recently too, but then I try to proactively show mindfullness and focus my whole undivided attention on my little one - and I could notice the difference. I could observe things like his laughter, his innocence.  Eye contact is very important when you're talking to your kid - it makes all the change.

2. Enter their world and see it through their eyes!

For truly bonding with your kid, I think it's a great idea to become a kid yourself. Play in the park with them, overcome your phobia of swimming or cycling or learn how skate with them or do some art and craft activities - it'll be a lot of fun.  Trust me on this - there will be bonding like nothing else and it will make your relationship with your kids and family strong for a long time to come. Don't forget to protect your baby and yourself from mosquitoes while you're outside having fun, I rely on the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On and Goodknight Cool Gel for the same.
Just apply 4 dots of the Fabric Roll-On on your kid’s clothes. It is made up of 100% natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and citronella oils that have the mosquito-repelling properties. It is now available in 2 scents - bubblegum and citrus! The Cool Gel is non-sticky and skin safe. It is made using aloe vera, making it natural. Both these products are paediatrician certified and provide up to 8 hours of mosquito-protection.
3. The most effective bonding time daily - 

I once read somewhere, that your baby needs you the most on two instances everyday - when they wake up from their sleep in the morning and at night when it's time to go to bed. This is a great time for both parents, and not just mommy, to talk to the kids, cuddle with them, tell them you love them and at night ask them how their day was and read bedtime stories to them. It helps them feel safe and secure and feel your love for them.

These are some really simple, every day things to help bond with your child. I feel if we start right from this moment, it can make a change in your relationship with your kid! And very importantly, keep all your work or home relationship frustration at bay when you're with your children - don't let it affect what you say to them. More often than not, we tend to remove our frustration on them subconsciously, and it has an adverse effect on them. Hope this helps!

How do you bond with your kid?? 


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