Monday, January 22, 2018

New year resolutions to be a better parent in 2018!

We don’t really need New Year’s to try to become better parents, but it is a good time to refresh and revise all those promises we made to our kid/s or to ourselves. I’m not saying that we have to achieve perfection, there is no perfect parenting technique after all! It’s all about learning from our mistakes and avoiding new ones.

1. Decrease screen-time - 

In this age of "YouTube zombies", adult content available online, blue whale challenges and the like - the one most important resolution is to make screen time, especially the use of smartphones/ laptops/ i-pads limited and supervised. 

I realized that as long as my toddler doesn't see us using the phone, or find it lying around, he doesn't ask for it. He is busy playing with his toys. But, if he sees us using our phones or finds one lying around, then he wants it and can be on it for hours if we let him. So I resolve not to use the smartphone once I am home from work. I hide it and only check it once he is asleep. To not miss out on any important calls, I get notifications for calls on my smartwatch instead.

A great way to do that is also go for a family walk/ outing instead of being in front of a screen. Don’t forget to protect yourself and the kids from mosquitoes when you step outdoors. I like the Goodknight Cool Gel – it is non sticky and skin-friendly. If you want to avoid applying anything on the skin, then go for the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On. Just 4 dots of this product on your child’s clothes can ensure that mosquitoes don’t bother you. Both these products are 100% natural and paediatrician certified hence, safe for kids.

2. Nutrition -

My toddler falls ill frequently - indicating that his immune system is weak. He doesn’t like eating anything healthy and although we pushed him initially, we eventually let it be after that. This time he caught pneumonia and it opened my eyes.

So I resolve to try and try, no matter how many times I fail, to feed him the best healthy and nutritious food although sometimes the food goes waste since he spits it out. I will make it a point that at least 2 of his meals a day are healthy - vegetables and fruit based. Apart from that, whatever best I can do in terms of supplements – in milk or as a chewable, I will be giving to my kiddo.

3. Saving for their future –

Education is the most important thing we can give our kids, after a home and comfortable living. And it’s best to invest and save for their future from the very beginning. I am a compulsive shopaholic and must admit, I spend a lot of money that I earn on outfits or quirky items. This new year, I promise to control myself and save up instead. If you guys have some good investment tips, I am all ears!

4.Compete, but only with yourself–

When I say, be a better parent this year, I am not saying be better than other parents. NO. You’re a great parent, you were great last year, give yourself a pat on the back. Being a parent is no easy job, I can vouch for that! But, one should always strive to be even better.

For me, it’s all about controlling my temper and keeping my patience with my kiddo, after my long work hours. It’s also about practising self-control over gadgets and spending more quality time (meaning absolutely dedicated to the kiddo), even if it’s one hour a day.

5. Live in the moment –

What I have learnt from incidents that took place in 2017 is that life is unpredictable and one should make the most of the present moment. Take that family vacation you have been postponing since a while, learn a new activity (I totally want to learn how to ride a bicycle since I don’t know how, maybe I can along with the kiddo?), take care of your health and surround yourself with loved ones. Stay healthy, as one is happiest when they are healthy.

Wish you all a happy 2018 – go make some wonderful memories!


  1. Making Soup is one good way of making kids intake nutrition full. Second option is making paratha out of anything you want to feed and serve it things like Strawberry squash (My son calls it sauce or some mixfruit Jam.
    These 2 ways I found to give him some nutritional food.

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