Monday, January 29, 2018

Future ready with Bose!

Dear earlier me,                                                                                                       29th January 2018

I am writing from the future to tell you how exciting it is! No, we don't know how to time travel yet, but hopefully will soon and I will come and give my diary to you for you to read all about what the future holds for you. We’re living in the age of technology and things like augmented reality, 3D printing, bullet train projects, robots, virtual assistants and what not! A lot to take in? It may be overwhelming, but it’s amazing!
Today I can actually place fictional objects/people next to real ones using my phone’s camera and some apps. I can 3D print a printer if I please or maybe make a 3D model of myself, and immortalise myself somehow? The globe is getting smaller, it’s easy and not that expensive to travel from one corner of the world to another!
And not to forget talking to our virtual assistants like Siri, Allo or Alexa! These are the days when you may be seen around wearing headphones and talking to noone. If you were to see me like that, you'd think I am crazy, but what actually is happening something really awesomesauce! So basically, I can ask my headphones to play a particular song or read my messages or even ask a question to google and hear the answers - all of this without having to look at my smartphone even once! Now that's something to be excited about in the future, right? So I am on my way to work in the train and I suddenly remember a task, all I do is talk to my headphone and a reminder gets set on my phone - now that's the true meaning and essence of HANDSFREE!

The future is going to have amazing internet speed, and this is also the age of content being the king and we have loads of entertainment that we can stream using internet right on our device via Amazon Prime or Netflix or YouTube - and really good entertainment at that! And you would not want to be disturbed by honking or people talking around - and for that there is no better voice cancellation in this world than Bose - now that is something even you, my older self, will agree with - after all Bose has been around long enough for you to witness that!
So keep note, when you are in the year 2018, do not forget to get your hands on the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Smart Headphones II, you will definitely thank me later! Now that technology has achieved getting us our own assistant, hope they crack teleporting too, because I am quite travel of commute, to be honest, and listening to music on my Bose headphones is my only saviour!


-Your future awesome self.


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