Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Children's Day - 5 things to pledge for a kid's better future

November is a month that marks a lot of exciting events - marriages, anniversaries, fests and not to forget Children’s Day on November 14th! I still remember my parents (read - mom) would get me small but cute and thoughtful gifts like greetings, stickers, posters, etc. on every Children’s Day and I absolutely loved it!

Now that I have a toddler of my own, I want to continue this tradition and get him small thoughtful gifts as well. But that’s not all, I think this is a great time to ponder over how we, as parents, can pledge to make our kids’ future better this Children’s Day. Here are a few things I can think of -

1.      Health Is Wealth
With the rise in childhood health issues like low immunity, obesity, getting spectacles at an early age, etc., it is vital that we do our best for our kid’s health. Proper nutrition, lots of sunshine for Vitamin D, gadget-free playtime outside whether it’s in the society or park or getting them to enrol in football or cricket. We need to be less tech-savvy and new-age here and follow some old habits. The worry of mosquito bites can be taken care of with mosquito repellents like the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On or Goodknight Cool Gel (I love its cooling non-sticky effect). Just 4 dots of the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On & one is protected for 8 hours!

As a mom, I know all this is easier said than done, but by taking small steps – one at a time, it is possible. I was having a lot of screen-time issues with my son, but now I hide the phone once I reach home and control myself from seeing it too. This helps, because he remembers and wants it only when it’s right in front of him. Otherwise he is preoccupied with all his toys (vehicles are his current favourite!).

2.      For the unpredictable future

Let’s face reality, life today is unpredictable. Unforeseen accidents or illnesses have become really common these days. That makes we want to spend maximum time with my kiddo and cherish every moment. But I also want to make life for him in my absence comfortable. I’m no investment/insurance expert, what I am trying to say is, plan and save as much as you can for their future education and well-being. And also probably have a godfather and godmother assigned to guide them when you’re not around.

I have started small with the basic FD’s and the sort, but yes, I definitely intend to make more arrangements in the coming months and years.

3.      Make them kind and confident
The world is a mean place to live in and people tend to lack compassion towards others but there is still some light at the end of the tunnel. They say that charity begins at home. Before we complain about how the world is, we need to teach our own off-spring to share, love, be kind, not be afraid, speak-up for what’s right or against what’s wrong and make them confident and bright young souls. I feel like it is important to let them explore the world and make some mistakes for themselves.

I would also suggest teaching them basic etiquettes and manners and to respect everyone equally, it will go a long way and they will thank you one day..

4.      Keep a vigil, but be unnoticed
We have all heard of the blue whale challenge and got spooked by it and what it’s doing to tweens and teens. So it’s very important to monitor what kids are watching on the phone or on the PC, who their friends are , whom they hang-out with at school or during tuitions, etc. But at the same time, we have to be very careful not to be intrusive - give them some space and independence. And if you see any signs of trouble, take immediate action!

5.      Be their friend, guide and more
There are lots of debates and articles that say we need to be strict and disciplined with our kids, and not be super “chilled” and friendly. I agree, discipline is required but there has to be someone to guide them. I remember, my parents had the good cop bad cop strategy where my dad was the guide and friend who I could speak with freely, while my mom maintained some discipline by scolding or “lecturing” as we called it, whenever required. Be their safe haven.

I would love to know your thoughts on the same and what steps you have taken to secure your kids’ future!


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