Thursday, October 12, 2017

How to prep for the festive season - Parenting Tips for Toddlers

This year’s festivities have begun on a special note for our family. The kiddo, now a toddler has started understanding more and hence enjoys the festivals. Starting with Janmashtami where he became a Krishna and went to school and followed by Ganesh Chaturthi where he had Ganpati Bappa at home for 11 days and kiddo thoroughly enjoys shouting ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ and singing along during aarti time. We also took him to see the visarjan and his curiosity was only at it’s peak.

Since it's the festive season I thought I should share some pointers and child care tips on how to prep yourself (as a mom) and your kiddo!

1. Educate them in their language -

He asked my to draw Ganpati Bappa... 
They still don’t understand the concept of God. Mine will see any elephant photo and say this is Ganpati Bappa. We should explain the festival to them nicely in a way they understand. For eg. Tell them there are 9 goddesses we celebrate during Navratri (and also teach them to respect girls), or tell them how good always wins the fight against evil hence Dussehra is celebrated (and they should always be good and do the right thing) or celebrate Diwali by giving to the needy and poor also, apart from buying stuff for self.

2. Decking up –
Garba time!
We love seeing our kids in adorable Krishna costumes or Garba costumes or ethnic wear, plenty of options are available online or offline. Or you can rent a costume. I purchased some comfortable cotton/cotton silk kurtas from Fab India and usually rent costumes because you use them only once. But don’t force them to wear it completely, mine didn’t want to wear the mukut and all necklaces, wrist bands etc. I let him wear whatever was comfortable. The day you need to get them ready, before that in advance show them the costume and prepare them mentally that they have to wear it to school/home. Give them positive reinforcement if they cooperate and wear the costume the way you want.:) Being a mom, I prefer wearing light-weight, comfortable sarees/anarkalis myself with minimum work so that it’s not an hassle to run around the kiddo while dressed up.

3. Healthy is happy –
Long weekend spent well!
Imagine festival time with a sick kid! Any mom’s worst nightmare, you’ll probably not be in a celebratory mood anymore. Hence all precautions should be taken, give them plenty of fluids (use boiled water), use mosquito repellents by Good knight. I use 4 dots of Good knight Fabric Roll-On for outdoors protection from mosquitoes, since its 100% natural. 

While indoors, I make sure I switch on the Good knight Activ+ & keep my house and neighborhood clean with no stagnant water. If you see any dengue symptoms, take your li’l one or other family members to the doctor immediately, there are also many other airborne diseases that the kids could catch at school or while playing – so it’s a must to build their immunity by giving a healthy diet and supplements (if required).

4. Safety first –
Ganpati Bappa Morya!
Festivals means firecrackers, diyas, fairy lights, candles, etc. Be very careful with these things around the kids as they may want to play with them in your absence. Specially around inquisitive toddlers. Keep them away from kid’s reach and explain to them how they can get burnt if not careful. If going to crowded places, always hold your child’s hand or carry them in a baby carrier so that they’re not lost in the crowd, and keep your contact details in their pocket/bag.

5. Enjoy this time –

Obviously, enjoy these precious moments with your li’l one and family – whether it is playing dandiya/garba together, or getting together for a family selfie or enjoying good food and fire-crackers. Make the most of the holidays, keep work at bay and make such amazing memories and capture them on your camera to see in the coming years! Happy festive season to all, do comment with your tips too!

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