Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dreaming Of Dubai!

We recently started working for a Dubai based chain of restaurants and all I have on my mind is Dubai!! Though I have never been there yet, I have read and heard so much about the beautiful city of Gold that I almost feel like I’ve been there. In-fact I am certain that when I actually go there it will feel familiar! I’ve also heard there are a lot of Indians and Bollywood celebrity endorsements you can find on billboards and Indian food everywhere.

The best thing is, if planned well in advance, one can get cheap air tickets to fly down to Dubai. A one way ticket from BOM to DXB is only around 7 grands if booked a month in advance, I have paid a lot more to fly to Kolkata or Guwahati in the recent past! And there are lots of airlines to choose from too and non-stop 3.30 hour flights. This is simply mind-blowing, the world is a lot more connected and closer than it was earlier.

When it comes to stay, Dubai has a lot of options to offer, fitting every budget. The most renowned ones include Atlantis The Palm – the epitome of luxury with an aquarium et al. Staying at Atlantis is no less than residing in a palace, I feel. It is located near the Palm Jumeirah, one of the famous tourist spots in Dubai.

When in Dubai – there are a lot of activities to do, apart from shopping. Though the climate is overall bad, with extremely hot temperature – it is not much to worry about because practically everything is air conditioned – right from the airport to cabs to malls and even bus-stops.

Because I have clients in Dubai – I know the famous malls there – Ibn Battuta Mall is quite famous for it’s Moroccan beauty and architecture. Then there is Dubai Mall, the best mall in Dubai where one can do a lot more than just shop or eat – for instance it has an aquarium and underwater zoo. One can also do indoor sky-diving in Dubai.

Can’t wait to soon plan a trip to Dubai and do everything I have been planning since so long. Will definitely share pictures with you guys!