Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tips for your li'l one's first movie-in-theatre experience

As a new parent, you're wondering when would it be the right age to take your li'l one to the movies!? Some of you may have quite easily taken your infant along with you if they're happily sleeping while you watch the movie. But I just couldn't get myself to do that thinking the loud sound will not be good for him, what if he cries and disturbs everyone else and a lot of other things.

And ever since he learnt how to walk, there is no stopping him or making him sit in one place. As a result, I have hardly seen any movies in the theatre myself over the last 2-3 years. When Bahubali 2 released, I had to see it on the big screen, I had seen the first part on small screen and was regretting not seeing it on the big screen. Now everyone obviously wanted to go see it and we had to decide who would make the sacrifice of staying at home with the kiddo.

We couldn't make up our mind and decided that we'll take him along since it was a U/A movie, and will see what happens. Worst case scenario I would come back home with him. Fortunately, it was a success, I was able to see the full 3 and a half hour movie without him crying to go home or anything! Yay! I thought I should put together some pointers which helped me:

1. Aisle seats

Now this happened incidentally for me, but the second half of the movie was spent by my li'l one climbing up and down the steps with the help of the guiding lights on the steps. This would have been difficult or would have disturbed others had I not been sitting on an aisle seat. Also, it makes it easier to go out and come back if needed without any hassle really.

2. Snacks

They generally allow you to carry food/water for babies & toddlers so make sure to carry your kid's favourite snacks, munchies, candies etc to keep them happy if at all they start to fuss. I was carrying some biscuits & corn chips along with a bottle of water.

3. Mobile with offline videos

My kid did not see a minute of the movie, he had absolutely no interest in it. So when he got bored of sitting, he was happily watching his favourite cartoons on my smartphone. Now this is something you would have anyways, so just have a good data connection and keep some videos saved on offline mode too because sometimes you don't get network connectivity inside. Do make sure to keep the volume low so that you're not disturbing the people around you!

4. Popcorn

Fortunately every multiplex these days has a good variety of options - you could buy fries, smileys, sandwiches or whatever is more appalling to your kid. But popcorn is usually a hit with kids as well as adults, plus it keeps them busy for a longer time. We took a big bucket of salted-caramel popcorn and he was happily munching on it throughout the first half of the movie!

5. Diaper

Now this is a given, if your munchkin is not potty-trained, make sure to diaper 'em up so that you don't have to get up again and again. It's cold inside so they'd want to go more frequently. If the kid is older, you should definitely make them go once before the movie starts.

6. Comfortable Clothes

It's still okay in the summers, but otherwise also throughout the year the AC is on full blast inside the theatres, so make sure your li'l one is wearing snugly clothes. It's always a good idea to carry a jacket so if need be they can wear it. Socks would be a good idea too.

7. Type Of Movie

Now this obviously is quite important. Most of the A rated movies won't allow a baby or kid but you never know sometimes security is lax they allow but that doesn't mean you take your child for it, it's kept with the rating for a reason after all. Honestly I was not very comfortable with the thought of having my kid for Bahubali 2 also, it does have a few violent scenes even though its rated U/A, fortunately he was not at all interested in watching the movie. But opt for light-hearted, animated or romance - something that your kid will also enjoy. Do not, if your kid is above 2 years of age, he/she will require a separate ticket, keep that in mind!

I hope these pointers help you! Do comment with what works for you...

Guess what, in all the excitement for the movie and keeping an eye on the kiddo, I forgot to take a pic of his first ever movie experience. :(

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