Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kube by Kompanions

KUBE to build skills and knowledge among children and to make them future ready - India's
first three dimensional, virtual reality, and augmented reality based educational game box. KUBE redesigns and shapes a child's thinking through brain training.

KUBE is India's first three dimensional (3D) educational gamebox for children in the age group between three to 15 years. KUBE builds scholastic and co-scholastic skills of a child through brain training and is powered by virtual Reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), gamification, brain boosters, and skill reports. KUBE comprises a VR Kit (VR glasses for virtual tour), VR app (an edutaining app for VR journey), fun facts and tracker images for 3D learning, digital games, picture card game with facts, 3D illustrations, catchy, theme-based words and their meanings, puzzles and teasers, theme based facts and trivia, insightful knowledge bites, and personalized skill report. The product works on building 20 skills such as logic, creative thinking, curiosity, concentration, imagination, analysis fine motor skills to name a few) along with 1000+ knowledge points. The
product helps develop six distinct facets of growth and exploration amongst children including intelligence, holistic development, new ways of thinking, logical thinking, language proficiency and creativity enhancement. KUBE is available in eight unique themes such as Kindergarten years, Animal Safari, Solar System, and Marvels of India, among others.

The unique selling proposition (USP) of this product lies in the fact that it packs in several learning elements in one box making, learning a journey where one thing leads to another. It helps in visualization, exploration and discovery that lead to enhanced learning levels. 

The whole idea behind this gaming platform is to make children want to indulge in the various activities and not feel intimidated by them. For instance, animals presented in books can be made to come alive through the use of AR apps and the kid can actually take a 360 degree tour of the subject. The KUBE gaming box has 12 different themes and each is meant to satiate the needs of children belonging to a particular age group.

Additionally, there is an activity kit that packs in physical activities that promotes creativity and imagination amongst kids. KOMPANIONS' key differentiator and competitive advantage lies in the fact that most of its existing technology and product portfolio are industry-firsts and therefore have no competition. The gaming box is available at a discounted price of INR 1,499 on Amazon.


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