Thursday, January 5, 2017

Picky eaters: change kids' bad habits and annoying behaviors

We have our guest blogger Zara Lewis again, talking about picky eaters and how to change the habits. My toddler is definitely a fussy eater himself, so I was glad to feature this piece on the blog, and take some tips from here for myself too.

Everyone knows that being a parent is the toughest yet most fulfilling job you’ll ever have to do. But that tough part can become especially apparent when you have to deal with your kids being very picky when it comes to what they want to eat. In general, all children love sweets and junk food, which is why it’s essential that you do your absolute best in order to introduce them to healthy habits. Some of the following tips may prove to be useful so make sure to go through them and apply them in your everyday life.

Theory approach

This is the least favorable approach when it comes to teaching kids about healthy eating but it is still necessary. In order for your child to listen to you, make sure that you’re calm and speak in a positive and loving manner with absolutely no reprimanding. Basically, you need to sit your kids down and thoroughly explain why eating certain foods is so important and good for your health as well as why eating a lot of sweets can be bad. It’s essential that you stress out that this doesn’t mean that the kids can’t have their sweets at all, or that they have to eat something that they really hate every day.

Engage the kids in cooking

Most kids want to feel responsible for some type of chore, and, in that respect, you can ask them to help you with cooking. Even better, allow them to copy what you do so that they actually make their portion on their own. When they’re allowed to cook for themselves (even though you’ll obviously be right there to check everything), kids will surely want to taste and consume their own little cooking masterpiece. This is the first step in getting them to willingly try something healthy without throwing a tantrum.

Be creative with food prep

Kids like things that look nice. The same goes for food as well. It’s no wonder that they like sweets and snacks so much when the packaging is so appealing. Instead of worrying that you can’t beat the sparkly candy wrap, use the power of your creativity in kitchen. That being said, you can use different molds and even different plate arrangement that would appeal to the child’s sensibility more.
When they see something they find attractive they’ll most likely want to try it as well.

Make healthy taste great

Parents generally worry that their kids won’t get enough vitamins and nutrients from food if they constantly refuse snacks such as fruits and nuts. If kids constantly ask for sweets, make them a healthy sweet. Fruits can be turned into smoothies and ice creams, which is a great way to actually get your child interested in healthy eating. There are many recipes online that feature this particular issue, so don’t forget to check these out. Basically, if you throw in a broccoli in a blender with strawberries and bananas, your child won’t really notice. But you can use their smoothie love to mention the ingredients and how tasty all of these can actually be if prepared properly. Let your child know that there are many possibilities.

Set an example

If you constantly eat junk and unhealthy food, you can’t expect your child to lead a healthy lifestyle either. You have to be their role model and show them how enjoyable it is to ditch bad habits. Make sure they brush their teeth regularly. Other thing that you could do is go for dental checkups together with your kids. According to a renowned dentist from Sydney, when kids actually see their parents interact with and respect the dentist, they will try to do the same. All you need to do is take the trouble to find a clinic that will be fun and amusing for your child. When they start trusting a dentist, kids will have one additional positive influence in their life telling them about the importance of healthy food and good habits.

Whenever you need to explain something to your kids and teach them a valuable lesson, it’s essential that you keep your cool and stay caring and calm above else. Children who are quick to throw a tantrum will not react well if you approach them angrily and clearly irritated. Therefore, patience and love are the key if you want to complete all the steps to teaching your child how to behave and eat well.


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