Thursday, September 29, 2016

My haul from - marketplace for curated & handmade products

So I have always been a sucker for handmade things. There was a time when I myself was big on crafts and would make my own greeting cards, paper quilling jewellery and envelopes, paint tees, bake, make chocolates and a lot more. But now with a full time job and baby I just do not have the time or patience to attempt at doing anything and I know that once his school projects phase will come, I will get somewhat of a chance to get back!

I stumbled upon this website called Qtrove (More like a treasure trove) which is a portal for sellers who specialise in handmade, handcrafted goodies can showcase their talent and buyers can pick and choose and checkout! They even sell freshly baked cookies and cakes online (Sadly only in Bangalore as of now, so I assume they're based out of the Silicon Valley of India).

So I went to their Rs.199 store and went mad. Here is all that I bought -

1) Chunky Lemon Soap - I haven't used this yet but it's totally fresh and lemony! (Rs.100/-)

2) Hot Chocolate Blend - Swiss Vanilla & Mexican Spiced - Yet to try these too. Winters and hot chocolate go hand in hand! They don't have any expiry date mentioned though. (Rs.97 per pack)

3) Denim Pouch (Rs.120) - Absolutely loved it, though it was in a different shade than the one in their picture, but this is upcycled stuff, what else would you expect. They claim even the plastic they send it in is recycled! I always wanted to make one of these, but never got to it. Do check out the other variations they have!

4) Cauvery Ubtan Soap - Ubtan is a mixture used by our ancestors since years - a remedy to natural beauty! I was thrilled to see it in a soap form. I have started using this and it smells Oh so good! Made out of ubtan powder and enriched with turmeric and almond oil, I don't know why I get a very sandalwood kinda smell in it. (Rs.160 for 4 soaps which I think is a great deal!)

5) Sandal, Lemon Grass and Apple Cinnamon Fragrance Sachets by Iris (Rs.50 each)
Fragrance sachets are quite the trend so I couldn't wait to pick them up, specially Apple Cinnamon since that's something you wouldn't get with your general fragrance brands. I am kinda saving these for Diwali, they make great gifts or souvenirs/party favours too!

6) Assorted Aromatic Diyas - Iris - (Rs.110)
Diwali is around the corner, light up your home and get great fragrance too! Perfect!

Now this came in a very pretty packaging that can be gifted, but the actual chocolate size was smaller. I will gift this to someone, so can't comment on the taste.

8) Orange Peel Powder (Rs.79)
Another beauty product, yet to be used.

  • The website has a nice interface with upmost importance given to visuals. You will be so tempted to buy the stuff! 
  • After I placed my order, products started getting individually shipped the day after, and I received everything within the week, from 4 days to 6 days - that's pretty great. 
  • And individual shipping for every product means you do not have to wait till your entire order is in place. 
  • The products, some of them being fragile in nature, were all packaged well, first in bubble wrap and then cardboard boxes.
  • They have a great back end team. After I placed the order I received a thank you call (who does that?), then when something was not available they asked me if I would like a replacement and apologised for the inconvenience. And they even sent a cute note with your packages.

So not only are you getting great handcrafted products, but you are also supporting local artisans! I am waiting for freshly baked goodies to be available in Mumbai too!

So if you are a sucker for handcrafted goodies like I am, visit and explore the options! Oh and get a 20% discount (On purchase of Rs.200 and above) by using this code - BLOGAVANTIKA20. Do tell me what you got! Qtrove, definitely curated with love. :)


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