Saturday, August 27, 2016

Flintobox August Subscription - Review

The business of 'subscription boxes' is at it's peak, with a subscription box for beauty, fashion and accessories and why not. It's a great idea for someone who wants something coming home month on month to surprise them, at not a very pocket-pinching price. Why should our kids be left behind when women and men are already covered. Flintobox is a really smart subscription box for kids, which sends a different themed activity box month on month.

The box depends on your child's age group and they have something for 2 years till 12. I had heard a lot about them, and was waiting for my child to reach the age to try them out. They keep experimenting and tried a box meant for 1.5 to 2 year olds and sent one across. It was very nicely packaged and addressed to my son! Now incidentally, theme for the month of August for his box was Food. I found that very amusing, because my 22 month old loves playing with kitchen utensils and equipments like 'chakla belan', spoons and glasses, etc but when it comes to actually eating, he is one of the fussiest of the lot and hardly eats anything at all.

The box has 4 different activities with clear instructions that say don't give them all to play at the same time. I was really impressed by the quality of the materials used, the thought and efforts put by the team in making every box for every age and the instructions and ideas that help parents like me to come up with ways to keep their kids busy.

There was a carrot and plum made out of wood and cut into large chunks, along with a wooden blunt knife to play 'cut the vegetable' with the kid. This was my kid's favourite, as I have already told you he loves playing with kitchen utensils. I am really hopeful that playing with these will develop a curiosity to eat fruits and vegetables too, which he gladly avoids as of now.

The next one was a carrot and radish farm made out of cloth (and carrots and radishes made out of cloth and plastic) where the kid has to put them in the pockets and remove them. This was my kid's second favourite from the lot, and he took some time to figure how to put them back (he would try with the leafy part first) but got it finally. It's great for motor coordination and development of the kid.

Next was a 'stack your own burger' activity with bun slices, sliced onion, tomato, lettuce and cheese all made out of cloth and foam. This looked really adorable, though I think of the bread's look more like burger buns it would be more relatable but anyways. My kid is not paying much attention to this one, but that's probably because he doesn't understand a burger yet, and I haven't unleashed him at a McDonalds yet. But I loved the concept nonetheless, and will try again later, he may just get interested.

Last but not the least was the flip book which consists of different fruits, their visual appearance from outside and if you flip it you can see how it looks from inside. My li'l one was delighted and very curious on seeing the insides of every fruit, though he really wanted to flip the fruits on his own and almost teared out the paper, so I made sure I do the flipping for him for now. He seems interested and what I plan to do is get one real fruit from the book each and show them to him and try to feed them to him! Hopefully it'll work and he'll start eating fruits.

The subscription box costs as low as Rs.600 per month if you opt for a 6 month subscription, and it is really worth the money. If you are a parent of a 2 year old or older (before the teenage tantrums begin), do gift them a Flintobox and see the excitement they have as they await the box each month. I remember having only Tinkle and Archie subscriptions as a kid, and how I wish we had such awesome innovations back then. The Flintobox could also make a great gift if you're giving to someone for their birthday! Do follow them on Twitter or Facebook as they keep sharing really cool DIY and other tips.

Do comment with your questions or suggestions, I'd love to hear them out! Stay tuned for the next 'subscription box' review that I will have in some days, that's a unique one too. :)

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