Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Planning a trip to the mountains – Himachal Pradesh

The husband’s 30th Birthday is approaching in September, and I want to do something special. I was considering whether I should buy him an expensive gift like a watch, or throw him a surprise party. But we both love to travel to new places and take a break from the mundane routine life.

So I was exploring options to suit the climate in September, and domestic only because since the kid is still small, we don’t want to do any international trip with him yet. We have done a lot of South trips, and wanted to explore the north this time. Both of us have been to Shimla-Kullu-Manali, and have heard a lot about Dharamshala and Dalhousie, so we’re planning a trip there. The average weather forecast for that time is 26 degree highest and 14 degree lowest, which is doable according to me.

I have been looking at online packages, but friends advise us to book flights and hotels and then opt for a tour from there, depending on our requirement and mood, and not be tied down with a package and their itinerary.  

There are two routes for the Domestic Airlines, either go from Mumbai to Chandigarh and take a cab to Dharamshala from there, or Take a one stop flight to Dharamshala via Delhi. With my kiddo, I think we’ll prefer to fly to Dharamshala to minimize road journey, as he as well as the husband tend to get motion sick. Spicejet Airlines has good one stop options via Delhi at very lucrative pricing as of now.

Hotels will be chosen obviously based on rating, pricing and facilities offered. Asia Health Resorts & Spa looks like a good option in Dharamshala. If you’re reading this and have been to these places before, do recommend where to stay!

I’m already thinking about the mountains, the pleasantly cold weather without it being painfully chilly and some quality time with my family. The Dalai Lama temple, Dal Lake, Kangra Fort etc look so enticing and enchanting. I have taken so many beach vacations in the recent past, I think the mountains are calling to me now and I cannot wait, the hills are calling.

Hopefully my husband will love this for his birthday and we’ll come back with amazing memories and pictures to share. I would definitely update those on the blog and share with everyone. It will be awesome to learn more about the Tibetan culture and history there. I can already imagine all the images I would click and instagram or tweet!

I will obviously have to prepare earlier, in terms of warm clothing for the kiddo, and for ourselves.  Keeping in mind restaurants, first aid kit and anything else that would be required during the trip. Not to forget a surprise to be planned for him for his birthday, which obviously I will not reveal here in case he accidentally, reads this. Do comment away with your opinion or tips that will help me plan this trip better! Thanks in advance.


  1. Wow ! Interesting ... Keep your husband guessing..

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