Saturday, July 30, 2016

#SetLookAllDay with #FALPowderCream!

Being a full-time working mother plus blogger is as good as juggling three jobs. Which in plain words means I have to be up and about in the morning and am on my feet all day, only to snooze post midnight once the li'l one is asleep. And weekends go in running errands, going for blogger meets or taking the kiddo to the garden. Amidst all this, I also try to fit in some me-time like going for Zumba or reading a book or watching a movie (on the Macbook or smartphone, in bits and parts).

Being a blogger or influencer, or going for work-meetings means one has to look good (and fresh). I simply cannot make it look like I've not slept properly due to the kiddo waking up in the middle of the night or because I am exhausted at the end of the week. So I obviously need some magical help with this and few days ago, I got that when I was invited for the official launch of the Fair and Lovely Powder Cream.

From balloons to flowers to cute looking dessert - the day had it all!
The venue for the day was Bungalow 9, Bandra - a great place though it was covered for the monsoon season or else it's even more beautiful! The theme for the day was Pink & White and we were given pink roses and white/pink flower tiaras to wear. We started off with some mocktails and soon the exclusive product launch TVC was shown to us bloggers before showing it to the whole word -

Now when you think of Fair and Lovely, the first thing that comes to your mind is their Fairness Cream. But do not confuse this product with that, this is an all new combination of cream and powder - a cream, that feels as light and non-oily as powder and keeps you looking fresh from morning till night - as it claims to be lasting for 14 hours.

The left pic was taken in the morning and the right in the evening, I was a bit tired, but not my skin!
Each one of us bloggers were asked to try the product - it blended well in my skin and didn't feel oily. Mumbai is a really humid place, being a tropical city, so all of us with oily or combination skin definitely don't survive without touch-ups with some compact powder, so I was eager to see the results of the Fair and Lovely Powder Cream at end of the day.

Team Cream member Michelle with her amazing poster of the team - Can you spot me?
To keep us engaged throughout the day - there are many games and activities which were super fun. There was 'Pass the current', Sketch the Team Poster, Beauty Taboo, Quiz round and unlock the treasure, and TVC making contest. I was chosen the team captain for Team Cream and at the end of the day our team won with highest points. Not only that, I personally won quite a few games and got back so many goodies home! Yay!

More goodies!
After all the running around, going inside air-conditioning and coming outside in the humid heat frequently and hours later when I clicked a selfie, my face still looked fresh and 'selfie-ready'! This product is mainly made keeping in mind all the college going girls or just graduated and first job ladies who are running around from early morning till late night - making their name or being a breadwinner in the family or gearing up for a brighter future!

With Bhumika, Megha and Michelle - Propping it up!
Group pic with the lovely host for the day Frieshia.
It was lovely meeting the entire team of Fair and Lovely, as well as my blogger friends and meeting some new lovely blogger ladies! Thank you for the fun and frolic day F&L!

I also have some great news for all you readers - If you want to try the Fair and Lovely Powder Cream and would like to win goodies, stay tuned to my Twitter handle as something interesting will be coming soon!

About Fair and Lovely Powder Cream -

Fair & Lovely, the pioneer of skin lightening creams and face care expert, extends its portfolio by introducing the new Fair & Lovely Powder Cream. Created with a breakthrough fairness formulation, the revolutionary product is the perfect blend of brightening powder with fairness cream. Fair & Lovely Powder Cream offers an instant and lasting fairness for up to 14 hours while keeping the skin nourished, giving you a flawless look throughout the day.

The answer to every woman’s beauty needs, Fair & Lovely Powder cream cuts down the time consuming ritual of touch ups by giving you a set look for the whole day. The product was developed keeping in mind the need of millions of young Indian women who spend the major part of their day outside the house, attending college or travelling which leaves little scope of checking their look time and again.

There is nothing worse than having a roller coaster day and in between checking your look to see that the glow has completely vanished. You try to overcome dullness by reapplying fairness cream every 3-4 hours or applying powder on top of the cream to mitigate the oil build-up. Fair& Lovely Powder Cream gives your skin a shine-free soft smooth look that keeps your fairand radiant look set throughout the day.

Why Powder Cream?
Skip the hassle of constantly checking your look with the new Fair & Lovely Powder Cream that ensures instant & long lasting fairness for not 1 or 2 but 14 hours. The unique brightening powder absorbs oil and the advanced multivitamin creams gives you expert treatment like fairness, helping you maintain a long lasting fairness look. Fair & Lovely Powder Cream blends naturally with Indian skin tones adding a soft & smooth glow to the skin, leading to flawless fairness all day long.

Process of applying
Dot the cream across a cleansed face & neck & gently blend in.

The new Fair & Lovely Powder Cream is available at for Rs.55 for 18g, Rs.115 for 40 gm.

So be it the first day in office, or college, or just a fun outing with friends this summer, make Fair & Lovely Powder Cream part of your daily skin regime.

About Fair & Lovely:
Since 1975, Fair & Lovely has been a pioneer in safe and efficacious skin lightening – democratizing face care for millions of Indian women, and becoming the one of the largest selling face brands in India/countries that it operates

*Update - Want to win the all new Fair and Lovely Powder Cream for yourself? It couldn't get any easier, simply follow the steps - 
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Three lucky girls will win the FAL Powder Cream!

*Contest closes on midnight 15th August 2016.

GOQII Fitness Band - Review and Comparison #BeTheForce

I have used the MiBand on and off for about 10 months, and got one mainly because it was not expensive. Though the unit itself is good, it's band doesn’t last long due to wear and tear. You can read my review here. I recently received a GOQii band in the mail and was super-excited! 

All the more because recently I have increased my efforts towards being fit – joined Zumba, avoid eating outside on weekdays, started having infused water. So this upgrade to the GOQii fitness band seemed to compliment the entire situation!

I have now tried the band for more than 3 weeks and writing the review on public demand.

Pros -

1. LED Notification:

This was one of the biggest plus points for me, when I talk of upgrading from the Mi Band. The LED screen show's time, date and day, battery level, steps taken, hours of exercise, calories burnt, kilometers walked and karma points earned. You can even customize to show notifications or have the band vibrate when it calls or as an alarm. The call and alarm feature was there in the Mi Band too, but seeing icons for the notification to distinguish between email or text etc is a bonus in the GOQii band. I have turned notifications off because it went berserk with alerts as I get too many emails or messages.

2. Personal Coach:

When you purchase the GOQii band, you get it along with a 3, 6 or 9 month fitness coach. You can choose from a short-listed set of coaches and then they ask you questions about your lifestyle, food and exercise habits, discuss your goals and help you meet them. When I say help, not only do they suggest lifestyle and diet changes based on how easy or difficult you want it to be, but also motivate and inspire you on a regular basis via the inbuilt chat by giving you tips, asking you if you exercised today or giving anecdotes and more. My Fitness Coach's name is Ishita Garg, and she is always pushing me to meet my daily goals, and though I'm struggling with them even though they're easy, she will keep trying without being too strict or anything. If you went to a nutritionist in your vicinity, you'd probably pay a similar amount that you pay here for the Band AND coach for 3 months (You can continue using the app and activity tracker without the coach after your subscription is over, in-case you do not want to renew).

3. Price:

The GOQii is currently available at a discounted price of Rs.2399 with a 3 month coach, which is paisa vasool as compared to other high end fitness bands like the Fit Bit. The unit and band quality is also decent plus it's pretty accurate and not unlike some other fitness bands who count steps even when you're driving or commuting in the train.

4. Karma Points:

Imagine not only ticking off all your fitness goals, but contributing towards social welfare through it; sounds unbelievable right? The GOQii breaks all norms by it's Karma points, which you can collect with your steps taken, and then contribute towards a cause listed on GOQii. No more excuses for not helping out the needy, and the more your steps the more your Karma points! Brilliant move, GOQii!

Cons -

1. Special Charger:

Just like the MI Band, the GOQii also comes with a unique charger that connects with USB to charge via your PC or wall USB charger. I really dislike this feature of fitness bands because if you misplace or lose the charger, then you're stuck, or if you're travelling and the battery drains you'd have to carry the charging cable too. Life would be much simpler if it charged via Micro USB.

2. Water-resistant but not water proof:

The GOQii is water resistant and can withstand splashes of water, sweat, rain and a shower. But the user manual clearly states that it's recommended to remove the band while bathing or swimming. I didn't want to take a chance so I remove the band before I go for a bath, which I did not have to do with the Mi Band (though maybe that's the reason the band deteriorated easily). In the last 3 weeks, a couple of times I forgot to wear the band again after getting ready because I was in a hurry. Also, if you're a swimmer, this is bad news.

3. Sleep Mode has to be switched ON/OFF:

Unlike the MI Band which detected sleep (though not quite accurately), the GOQii has to be switched to sleep mode and back to active mode by long pressing the device and following the steps. I usually don't switch it to sleep mode because it completely skipped my mind to put it back on the active mode till late in the day on a couple of instances.

4. Battery:

The GOQii band requires to be charged every 8-10 days on an average. The Mi band would have to be charged only once in a month and it was good to go. Though it's understood that the GOQii displays much more and requires more power, it would have been kinda great if I had to charge it less frequently, like my Kindle.

Verdict -
In the last 3 weeks - I have got quite a few useful tips from my coach for me to loose weight and stay fit. My spirits have been lifted every time the device gives me thumbs up when I meet my daily goal. of-course this is in combination with the Zumba classes I joined in June and am loving, so it's a overall great feeling to feel fitter. My squats are lower, though it's not visible to others but I can already feel a little thinner and am certain if I follow all the things my coach has suggested, by the end of the three months i.e. October I will be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes! 

Have a wedding to attend in November too so all the more motivated. Of-course they're new and developing basis all the feedback they receive, Im sure there'll be so much more to see in the future. I totally forgot to mention that they keep having fitness challenges and offline activities too, where you can meet other GOQii members and exchange notes on fitness! You can purchase it from, use my code AVANT248 and get a further 10% off! I know that the Mi Band 2 also has a LED display, but it still lacks the personal coach and Karma points, which are a game-changer in the fitness band business!