Friday, November 20, 2015

Maybelline New York's White Super Fresh Compact Powder - Review

Last month, a cute lil package arrived, and it contained this new compact by Maybelline New York - White Super Fresh Compact Powder.

I already was using another compact by Colorbar, but what that basically did was remove the oil. The Maybelline White Super Fresh claimed that its a 12 hour perfecting compact which helps you stay fresh, fair and always in control! 

It's perfect for a Girl On The Go just like me and I'm sure I was going to love it.

The most amazing part is the timely arrival of this product, because after that, within the same month I had a lot of work related travel to Bengaluru, Surat and a weekend getaway to Lonavala. And the White Super Fresh compact made sure I had my game on, wherever I went! 

I hate carrying a truckload of makeup in my bag, and am a minimalistic person who would just want a Kohl, lip-balm/lipstick, blush and compact. I can't handle the stress of eyeliners, eyeshadows, concealers, foundations, mascara etc (those are fine for parties and weddings etc).

Believe it or not, with this new compact, I had no need for a foundation or concealer. It blends into the skin easily, immediately removing away the oil, giving a instant white, fresh look. And it really stays, my face did look fresh all through the day. Just one point here is, be careful to choose the shade that matches your skin tone, or else you'll end up looking like a ghost or really odd.

Some contacts get dry or make patchy flakes on the skin, this one did not do that at all. It feels awesome to have something so 'compact' in your bag, so that you're always ready. So even if I have to go for some urgent meeting, I'm prepared, all I need is 5 mins in front of a mirror (which by the way, the White Fresh compact already has.)

Oh and did I tell its just for rs.150? Maybelline's products are usually always light on the pocket so that even if you're a college girl, you can totally afford it.

One thing that I did not completely love is the swab that comes along with it, I felt it to be a little hard and rough, and I think it could've been of a better quality, at least a little softer.

So to round up, how does White Super Fresh stand out compared to all you other compact powders?
- It lasts up to 12 hours.
- No dabbing, washing or touch-ups necessary.
- Keeps you fresh and fair throughout the day.
- Absorbs sweat and doesn't let your skin get patchy.
- Available in 3 shades for your skin tone: Pearl (Light to Medium), Shell (Medium) & Coral (Medium to Dark).

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Get yours today!


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