Friday, September 18, 2015

Entertainment on the go! #TataSkyTransfer

I travel 3+ hours daily, and this daily commute would be impossible without some entertainment. Since I'm out of home from 9 to 9, I hardly get to watch TV. On weekends when I do feel like watching a nice movie TV premier, or some interesting reality show; there is too much commotion at home because everyone is home and I cannot watch anything peacefully.

Of-course there is YouTube & steaming on browsers, but on-the-go network is always fluctuating and I can hardly talk properly, viewing clear videos is a far call. And then, one has to think about expensive 3G/4G data plans too, right?

And then, as if sent from a messenger of the almighty, came the Tata Sky Transfer.

I love watching sitcoms, FRIENDS, Gossip Girl, The vampire diaries are my few favorites. I wait for a new episode of my fav sitcoms to come every week like a crazy addict. And to be able to transfer them wireless and seamlessly on my smartphone so that I can watch them while travelling home from work would save me so much time that I would have otherwise spent at home; hence letting me do other things at home.

And traveling would be so much more fun. No more listening to the constant chatter of women in the ladies compartment, or listening to women fight on the phone or with each other (True Story!). I also love watching movies, specially Hollywood rom-coms. Romedy Now is the best channel for that, and I don't get to see that at home because husband likes action, mother-in-law likes devotional and father-in-law likes to watch the news. And anyways, kissing scenes are so awkward to see when the family is around (I know you agree). Hence, watching the movies on my iPad in solitude would be awesome! Earphones on, world off.

I love to cook, but I need to follow a recipe, can't come up with stuff on my own. But in the busy metro lifestyle, I never get time to read or watch cooking channels even though there are so many of them now. It would be great to transfer a few nice shows on my phone and watch them while going home from work. Then I can watch the instructions, and while they're still fresh in my mind, go home and prepare delicacies! I'd be my husband's masterchef! :D

There is no end to what all can be done thanks to this new super-cool technology by Tata Sky, which feels more like a superpower to me!


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