Saturday, September 5, 2015

Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe Hands On Review

I was disappointed with my Nexus 6 for a few reasons. Mainly because the front 2mp camera was making my selfies and video chats bad; 4G bandwidth on Nexus is not supported by Airtel and overall I was disappointed with the phone after my Nexus 4. With the new Nexus 5 & 6 about to launch, I thought better sell this soon or else will not get any value. The resale value of phones is as it is so bad. The MRP was Rs.44,000 when I bought it and now it is Rs.29,999 and I sold it for Rs.21000.

Anyway, though there are quite a few options in the market in the price range of 20K to 25K, I had a "love at first sight" moment with the Zenfone 2 Deluxe when I saw it at the Diva's Meet held recently. The beauty of its back panel and the configuration, at that price looked very appealing to me.

What I Love:

Beautiful Design: The polygonal back feels so good and looks so enchanting that I can stare at it forever! If looks could kill, I'd be dead. The white option seems nice too, but the purple one has this illusion which makes the colours change with different angles.

Value for money: For Rs.23K I am getting great cameras, speed, 4G, 64 gigs of space and more! What more can I ask for?

Zen UI: After using pure vanilla Android for the last 2 years, I was pleasantly surprised with the Android running on the ZEN UI. It makes my smartphone smarter, with automatic app grouping, smart reminders, and a lot more. I read this blog to learn about the best features of Zen UI. The camera also has insane inbuilt features like creating Slow-Mo's, Time Lapse, GIFs etc. Zen Motion is another really cool feature which allows you to start a few apps with a gesture, from the screen locked mode!

Back button: When I first removed the phone, I was shocked because I couldn't find any volume button, there was just one power button at the top! But then soon realised that the volume/camera button is at the back. I can finally take selfies easily! Otherwise with big phones and side buttons I always felt I would drop the phone.

What I don't:

Back cover is hard to remove: You can access sim slots and micro SD slots only if you remove the back panel. And I found that very tough to do, maybe it's because of my nails. But if you just need to insert your sims and card once, it's okay, but if you're someone who changes 'em frequently, it's troublesome.

Sound:  Unlike my Nexus 6 that had dual front speakers. this has a single back speaker, the sound quality is not that great or powerful. If you're a earphones person, all is well.

Screen Glare: When I tried using the phone under bright sunlight, it was almost impossible, so you need to get a nice antiglare screen guard for sure.

Weight: I would have been happier if the phone weighed a little less. Though the weight is almost as much as my earlier Nexus 6, it feels heavy in front of the other phones in the market like the One Plus One/Two, iPhone 6, Sony Xperia, etc.


It's honestly too early to say anything since I have been using the phone since just about a week. But I am happy for now, and looking forward to make use of all the many tools and tricks this phone is capable of! And am loving all the Wow's I'm getting when people look at the phone! :D


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