Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#RakshaBandhan, a special bond!

That time of the year is here..buying Rakhis for all my brothers, sibling and cousins. We have a close knit family and I tie Rakhis to all my cousin brothers too. It has become a tradition, I send a hand-written letter to each one of them, along with rakhis and the auspicious roli-chawal. And after they have tied it, wherever they are, they send me a gift or money order! :D

Earlier when I was a kid, my parents would send the packages on my behalf, and they would all go to my respective brothers' homes. Now that I am all grown up, so are my brothers who are all now in different parts of the country, actually, different parts of the world too! But that does not mean we stop a decades long tradition, right?

I have to admit, my baby and work keep me very tied up and it is difficult to find the time for anything at all. Here is where Parcelled.In came as a savior.

Take a look at this beautiful, emotional video; which I'm sure many of you will connect:

Isn't it amazing how hassle free the process has become? Simply book your pickup, give them the details and the package and sit back and relax! Rest will be taken care of by the Parcelled team. No more delays in shipping, packages that got lost in transit or were manhandled and reached in a damaged state.

I have already purchased my Rakhis and gifts, now once I'm done writing the notes to my brothers, all I need to do is get them PARCELLED! And all you brothers reading this, you could always send a beautiful gift back to your sisters via the same. :D

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all! :)

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