Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My doodle diary from the Doodle Collection!

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats. And one such treat came my way yesterday when I received this in my mailbox! Thank you Doodle Collection!

I am a big time stationery lover, and have a collection of fancy pens and notebooks and other knick-knacks. (I should some day probably write a blog on that too!). So it is obvious that I was absolutely thrilled to get this super cute and motivating set of notebooks! 

The Lite series as they're called come in a set of 2, a big one to keep on your desk/drawer at home or work and a small 'lite' version of the same to carry in your pocket or purse/handbag! Now why did anyone not think of this before?

This diary has everything that you need for a happy life written on it, so I love it because it can motivate me daily to follow the same. I plan to write my goals, dreams and achievements in them!

The doodle collection also has a wide range of other diaries and planners. Social, Music, Movie, Travel, Sports and more; they've got something for everyone.

And you've got a chance to win your very own doodle diary! Simply comment below with ONE CONFESSION YOU WOULD WRITE IN YOUR DIARY. Come on, you can share it with me right?

1. Follow @stunningmoon
2. Follow @DoodleIndia 3. Use the hashtag #DoodleDiary 4. Tag both accounts.

Winner shall be announced on Monday, 10th August 2015.

They also have a sale going on, get your diaries at a discounted rate. Plus Rs.50 off on your first purchase. What are you waiting for! And it comes in a very well done, compact packaging that makes sure your precious diary wont get damaged in transit.

Don't forget to follow Doodle Collection on Facebook and Twitter for latest updates on product launches and offers!


  1. ok diary i lied about waking up early today, i had put the alarm on snooze thinking it is sunday


  2. Dearest Diary, call it my obsession or immense love for stationery that each and every time my brother, dad or mom asks me to place order for something online for them, I secretly add a book or stationery product to the cart and check out. No one denies to make payment once the product is at our doorstep. #DoodleDiary

  3. I'd write about the first things in my life - first blush, first rain, first gorging on streetside pakodas, first blog post, first award and so on #FeelingNostalgic #DoodleDiary

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