Monday, August 10, 2015

A yummy surprise from Choc Le!

Life is short, eat dessert first. Whoever came up with this, I'd surely be good friends with them. For me, the best part of any meal or something that I am most excited about are desserts. And I can get really upset if I don't like the dessert.

I also do bake desserts occasionally, so you basically get what a sweet tooth I am. So when this other day, a surprise was sent to my place, I was absolutely elated. I had been given a hint to guess what was coming, and I could strongly feel I have seen it somewhere but couldn't recall.

The hint that was given :

Flavors that will keep you wanting more...
Indulgence that is unique...
An all vegetarian affair that’s sweet…
But what are we talking about?

Finally next day this beautiful hamper was delivered at home! And I was pleasantly surprised to see a dessert hamper from Choc Le, one of my favourite cake places! Rupali Samat is a family friend, and I have ordered my engagement, wedding and other cakes from Choc Le and they've always been super yummy.  I absolutely loved the elegant packaging!

The hamper consisted of a cheesecake, mixed berries topping, chocolate mousse and assorted chocolates.

Coincidently, it was the same day I got my new Macbook Air, so we kind of celebrated that with these yummy mouth-watering delicacies! Look at the texture on this mousse, I have never seen something like this before. And the idea of the berries in a cute small jar along with a plain cheesecake is absolute genius. We loved the mousse and cheesecake so much, I could give it a perfect 10 if I were a judge.

 The chocolates were a assortment of very unique fillings like cookie dough, chai masala, sea salt caramel, pista, chilli, hazelnut almond, etc. Honestly, I am more of a dark chocolate person; but I loved the sea salt caramel, hazelnut almond and cookie dough chocolates. Rest, well I guess were good to try out of curiosity, or for someone who loves experimenting.

Do follow Choc Le on Facebook for latest updates and yummy offerings! You can also follow Rupali Samat on Twitter/Instagram. Thank you Rupali and Nuvo Foodies!


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