Monday, June 1, 2015

Hamleys Summer Carnival

About the Summer Carnival:

Spend the last few days of your summer holidays at Hamleys!

As the end of summer vacations is around the corner, with schools scheduled to reopen soon,
Hamleys would like to give parents and kids an opportunity to end their summer vacations with a 10 day long carnival across all Hamleys stores with entertainment artists!

The Hamleys ‘Summer Carnival’ kick-starts from Fri, May 29th and will go on till Sun, June 7th between 12 noon to 9pm on all weekdays and 5pm to 9pm on weekends.

Hamleys which has always known to be more than just a toy store will go all out to create a joyous
and entertainment-filled atmosphere for the Summer Carnival. To add to the fun there will be
various activities that the kids and parents can engage in together at the store, with various artists
and performers that include Balloon sculptors, Tattoo artists, Caricature artists, Clowns, Jugglers and
Nail art!

All this in a child friendly and safe environment of Hamleys stores across India. Our trained
personnel will ensure each and every kid is engaged and more importantly having fun!

Just before the beginning of the new academic year, wrap up your fun summer holidays at Hamleys
‘Summer Carnival’. Also avail of exclusive offers during the carnival, stock up on Hamleys goodies for the school year and spend your day getting entertained with our master entertainers.

Entry to the Carnival is free of cost across all Hamleys stores in India.

I went to the Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla store along with my 8 month old baby, husband, brother and cousin sister! The entrance was crowded already, it being a weekend.
There was a staff person blowing bubbles at the entrance, attracting kids and adults alike!

There was a clown & a teddy greeting all the kids!

The tattoo artist and the balloon artist were near the entrance on the first floor, while the caricature artist was on the 1st level. I was reminded of my childhood days when we used to have hair braiding and tattoo stalls!


We even got a caricature made for my li'l one after waiting for an hour, but it breaks my heart that we lost it on our way back home, must have fallen out of the diaper bag. *Cry*.

There also are ongoing offers on plush toys, games, etc. Great deals to check out. For instance, Rs.800 on this adorable dog and now available for only Rs.1190/-!

There are was this section where you get those magic pens. Check the 3D look out, I so wanted to buy them for my own self!


We could not stop ourselves from being kids for a while too. 

The balloon artist made this complex 'matka' for Panav! Thank you!

Do make sure to visit any of the stores before 7th June to make the most of the Summer Carnival!

About Hamleys

Hamleys, The Finest Toy Shop in the World from the UK is also In India. With the opening of its first store in Mumbai at High Street Phoenix, Hamleys now present in 7 cities in India with 12 stores that capture the imagination of children with its wide range of toys, exclusive merchandise and magical experience. The Hamleys experience is an ultimate treat for the entire family. It offers a wide range of toys from much loved brands to more traditional toys and toys which have enthralled children over generations, as well as quirky and unusual treasures. This includes the Hamleys Own Brand range, renowned for exceptional quality and play value. The Hamleys experience is also not
complete without its unique brand of theatre and entertainment which enthrals both children and
adults alike. Toy demonstrators and magicians, unique demos and iconic fixtures, exciting events and
activities all come together to provide a magical experience.

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