Thursday, May 14, 2015

My mother - My first EXPERT!

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no-one else can take."

When I walk down the memory lane, I recall all the pleasant memories from my childhood days till date.

My mother is the one who threw elaborate birthday parties for me. Yeah, maybe my father paid the money, but it was my mom who thought of themes, made hand-made invitations, had decoration and cake and return gifts all as per the theme and fun games for everyone to play! My mother, my first event organizer!

My mom loved dressing me up. She did that till I became a rebel in my teenage days. She would doll me up in white frocks with matching white shoes and socks and hair-band. She would also get matching clothes stitched for me when she got salwar-suits stitched for herself. My mother, my first stylist!

Since I was a toddler, my mom would teach me poems and nursery rhymes. She would would record herself and me singing the poems on cassettes, and play them back. It was so much fun! My mother also  taught me to be an obedient student. I would finish my homework on time, keep my books neat and tidy, was always the teacher's pet and generally loved going to school. These values were inculcated in me because of my mother. My mother, my first teacher!

My mother always wanted me to be an all-rounder. She herself has always been extremely talented and creative, hence I was encouraged to be creative too! She taught me drawing, painting, art and craft, dancing etc. She always made sure I participated in fancy dress competitions, art and craft competitions and the sort. I bagged so many prizes, compliments and certificates through the years. My mother, my first mentor!

From the childhood flu and pox to the time I had my first period; whenever I fell sick I would go running to my mom. It is true, in illness you always remember your mother. That applies to me even now, when I am a new mom myself! My mother, my first doctor!

I grew older and would be upset after fighting with a class-mate or when a teacher scolded me. When my hormones went hay-wire and I had my temper-issues or mood swings, she would be patient throughout my phases. Even though I would back-answer or ignore her. She understood me and could read my mind like no-one else. My mother, my first true friend!

I grew up, had boy friends, fell in love with this guy whom she did not really approve of. But when she realized I was truly happy with him, she gave in and accepted him and gave us her blessings. Now she is a grandmother to my 7 month old and has supported me a lot in these delicate times! My mother, my first expert, making every thing so easy for me; just like Godrej Expert!

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