Monday, May 4, 2015

Buying high-end subwoofers for your car!

I work to buy a car to go to work. That's how life is. I have already talked about how I searched for dealers when I was looking to buy a new car and then a new system for the car.

After hearing about my success in getting the right deals, my cousin sister asked me how to go about purchasing a new car in Ahmedabad. She recently got married and relocated to Ahmedabad with her husband and is pretty much clueless about anything out there since they're on their own.

I told her not to worry; as long you have a budget target and internet, nothing is difficult! She said she wants to buy a mid-level car with a down payment and rest on EMI. I told her to short-list 2-3 car dealers preferably near her home or work place so that she could go and look at the cars and even test drive them.

She did the same and settled on the new Tata Bolt. Good choice I must say! Now that done they came down on a long drive all the way down to Mumbai to meet me. After a good weekend together she told me she also wants to upgrade her music system. She was very impressed by my system and sub-woofer. And being a music lover just like me, she wanted to go for a better system too.

I told her, that this again was very easy! Her budget was not very high since she already had to take care of the car's EMI. She wanted a system for 8-10k and would buy a sub-woofer after a few months. I told her that again she simply had to search online for music system and car subwoofer in Ahmedabad and she would get the best deals. She could then opt for the best brand available. 

She is not very confident about buying online, so was a little hesitant about the same. I told her she could always buy it from a nearby car dealer or garage. Or she could also look at the systems there and then note the model number and come back and purchase online. That way she can check the audio quality and features on a real basis before making the purchase too!

She was really happy at how less the effort was for all this. I'm glad I could be of some help, after all when else will relatives be of use!

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