Friday, April 10, 2015

Raise the volume: Cool Car audio systems!

Some days, nothing beats a really good drive. And a good long drive is incomplete without good music! When I say good music, it's not just the kind of songs, but also the music system. Crisp clear treble, deep powerful bass and the latest offerings like a USB flash drive reader, bluetooth, etc is a must!

I really like listening to music in my car. Sometimes when I am in a mood to ponder over life, I like soothing music. And when I am with my friends and in a mood to party, it's time for some rocking music! At times we enjoy partying in the car more than the club itself!

So I thought I should upgrade my car's audio system from the basic default one that comes. I searched online for what is available and what are the prices. A cousin who works at Pune said he got really good deals online for car sound systems in Pune. He is very informative about everything to do with cars, so I totally rely on his knowledge and information. We often go for long drives to Lonavala or Pune so thought why not ask him to suggest the best deals.

I really like listening to music in my car, and was looking for the best brands. I searched for JBL or Pioneer car audio in Pune, both suggested by my cousin. I got a list of automobile shops, dealers, garages etc who deal in automobile auto system. And I thought it would be difficult finding shops! In-fact I can even check ratings and reviews of each shop and go for the one that has the best ratings. That means, no more getting cheated by the shop-keeper or garage person!

Inspired by friends and Hollywood movies, I wanted a car with an awesome pair of sub-woofers, so that the bass could play really well! No one can stop me from dancing in my own car now, can they? I searched for car subwoofer in Pune and was bewildered at the range and brands available. In-fact I can also opt for under-seat sub-woofers, saving space and probably giving a surround sound effect. Most of the Pioneer audio systems start at Rs.5000 and go on till Rs.20000 or so.

Now all I need to do is get the system fixed in my car, have a list of "Yo Yo Honey Singh" songs ready and we're ready to rock and roll!

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