Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Progressive India, #DigitalIndia.

Technology has reached new milestones. Worldwide, and in India. You can today see a PC in every house, a smartphone and internet connection in every hand. Why not use these facilities and amenities for our country's progress? This blog is about my opinions on how e-governance through technology can accelerate the vision of a #DigitalIndia.

Definition of e-Governance:

A few current examples of e-governance practices are - online tax payment, online railway ticket booking, internet banking, ATVM machines for local trains, online passport application, online electricity bill payment, online pan card and passport application etc. These features and facilities have helped millions save time and energy that goes in doing the same otherwise.

What are the other things that can be done?

1. Education -

Hall tickets, Date of board examinations, Finding exam center, Roll Number, Results and so on. These things consume a lot of time and energy on a student's part. Going to college again and again instead of using that time to study. Specially if a lot of travel is involved. Maybe a mobile site or app should be designed to give all these details.

2. Online certificate procedure -

If one can register and obtain marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, etc online; it is going to be a life savior. I have personally been a victim of visiting government offices many a times for one small work. If one can simply submit the required documents, pay online and get their certificate couriered, things will be so convenient. People will not get lazy in getting their documents in place then. I know for a fact that one can now change their name online.

3. WiFi & Cloud Computing-

Like Bangalore, all major cities at-least should have free wifi access in the entire city. Since everything is on the internet, it will make accessing information or using all the online facilities very easy. This can also help in transportation, for instance to know where the bus is, or if a train is late or to get live traffic updates. Using cloud computing, all data can be virtually accessible at all times.

4. Social Security number that links all information -

I know Aadhar card has been made for similar reasons, but not sure if it has been working out. Basically, if every citizen has a social security number that also has information about their insurance, blood group, licenses etc; it would make things easier.

5. For complaints and grievances -
An online portal where one can make suggestions, submit complaints against a taxi driver, officer or anyone else. For instance, to complaint against a taxi driver over-charging, if one had to simply click an image with the cab details and send it; things would be so hassle free.

I'm sure corruption would also go down with these e-governance methods. With the super fast, Intel powered tablet pcs that are available at a reasonable pricing, even government employees can probably get their work done faster and in a more convenient way.

I wish we progress and grow towards a smart, digital India soon!

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