Thursday, March 5, 2015

Meri entry now!

When some of the best in their respective fields come together, there is definitely something epic cooking, right? Director of movies like Barfi, Kites, Life in a Metro none other than Anurag Basu was spotted in this video. Is he casting for a new movie? Is this a new blockbuster in the making? Also spotted famous music director Pritam who has given us endless hit music for movies like Cocktail, Dhoom, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and I'm telling you, its a long long list of some awesome music. And then there is everyone's favourite, the heart-throb Ranbir Kapoor!

Wait a minute, these all have way too much in common! They are all a part of the upcoming movie Jagga Jasoos, and also worked together in the hit - Barfi! I also spotted choreographer Terence Lewis, is he going to get Ranbir groovin' to some awesome music? Also, what's with Ranbir's rowdy attitude here!!

And wait a minute, if this is all a B-town gimmick, what on earth is Virat Kohli doing here? OMG! Is he making his Bollywood debut? But right in the middle of World Cup and with IPL on it's way? This just does not make any sense, but he's very much there! Is he auditioning for Anurag Basu?

Looking at the video closely (after playing it for the umpteenth time in all the sheer excitement), did I just see Mr. Basu do some moves along with Ranbir? And whose that girl out there? Introducing a new actress in Bollywood? The suspense behind all this is killing me! I don't understand why they're all fighting behind whose movie it is, after all, isn't the movie the producers?

Love the jingle Pritam is singing, I want to hear more of it! And a lot of "beeps" too, why are they all so agitated? Someone please tell me what's cooking, what's coming up this summer!? ROFL Ranbir is just too funny, he and his original stunts. They all say "Meri Entry Now", but where? Entry to what? I demand to know!

Where did this shooting take place? Is it a stadium? Has it got something to do with Cricket or with Bollywood? Is it a merger? A movie on cricket? Man, this is one wild goose chase.

I'm sure the spy who caught all this on camera definitely has some answers! And at 1 minute and 35 seconds there is a complete shocker! See for yourself:

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