Sunday, March 22, 2015

#IAmHappy and I know it!

Time and again, I have always stressed on the fact that how simple every day things are the ones that make us the happiest, instead of special occasions or over-hyped and other days when our expectations are high.

Food makes me really happy. A freshly baked cake, a perfect cup of coffee or tea, Pizza with chilled coca-cola, French fries and potato wedges. I think you get what I mean. Nothing can cheer me the way good food, drinks or desserts can. I guess I live to eat.

Long conversations with my husband, parents, brother and best friends is something I always look forward to. In this busy city life we hardly get time to connect, and chatting on the phone or reading status messages to know what is going on does not count. When in those rare times when everyone is in the mood and there are conversations flowing (along with coffee, tea, cola or beer as per the situation demands...haha) I feel really happy! And you know those random times when you start laughing for some reason and just cannot stop, and even need to visit the loo because of that? Yes, I love those instances!

Playing with a puppy leaves me laughing! I do not own a dog or pup myself (Insert sad smiley), because I am not allowed plus it is a big responsibility. But I absolutely love to play with stray pups or someone else's pet. They can really take your sadness away, and make you feel the happiest ever! Try it. As long as you do not have allergies or phobias that is.

Waking up next to the love of your life. Yes, that. There is nothing more content and satisfying (and happy) than knowing that you have found true love and will be spending rest of your life with him by your side. Pillow fights, long drives, movie nights or dinner dates with this one person makes you so happy! I would any day choose these memories over diamonds.

Listening to my favorite music makes me happy. My music taste depends on my mood, but I love most of the genres and love to listen to my favorite songs, sing along if I know the lyrics or simply hum along. And if I am in an upbeat mood, I love to dance!

Going for a walk always works to right my wrong mood. Specially if the weather is pleasant, scenery is beautiful. I absolutely love to walk down the beach when I am on a vacation at Goa. The waves really soothe me and I do not feel like going back home.

Watching a flower bloom, watching the sun set, watching my baby smile and laugh, get unexpected compliments, see the weighing scale show that I have lost a few kgs, and so on. These are just a few examples of how small every day things in life make me feel truly happy rather than vacations planned for months or important occasions like wedding anniversary or festivals.

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