Saturday, March 14, 2015

How I #SlowDownZindagi in 5 steps.

Life in a metro like Mumbai is a stressful one, running around morning to night to earn the meager bread and butter leaves us hardly any time for ourselves. And then the weekends flash by in doing chores, shopping, or catching up on sleep. 

It is very important to de-stress before the frustration gets the better of us and we eventually burn out. Here are 5 ways that help me de-stress and slow down:

1. Taking a walk

It is really not compulsory to join a gym or yoga classes to be fit, mentally and physically. A good 45 minute brisk walk around your neighborhood, or jogging with your pet dog or walking your baby in his/her pram can get you some fresh air and time away from the daily grind. That's what I do at-least 5 days a week, and it really helps me refresh myself and burn calories too! You could try putting on your favorite music too, or get a buddy to tag along if you get bored alone.

2. Entertainment

Music, movies or reading books. I love 'em all. Whenever I am too stressed or tired, I like to put on some soothing music and listen to them. Or sometimes even put on some dance tracks on loud volume and dance my woes away. A good movie or sitcom episode is a sure shot stress-killer for me. If there is some popcorn or chips along with that; and good company, it's all the more better! But sometimes I like to be left alone in my solitude and peace and do these things. Which is why I love reading. Whether before bed or while travelling, I can get engrossed in the world of fiction and temporarily forget all my worldly problems.

3. Cooking (and eating)

I am a sweet toothed baker who loves to bake cakes and eat them too. Cooking, the aroma of freshly baked goodies straight from the oven and the tempting dishes work to keep my stress at bay every time. At times when I am too lazy or tired to bake or cook, I like to head out to a cafe or restaurant and devour my stress away. I am a complete foodie, so some cheese and wine are more than welcome on the rough days.

4. A good hair/body massage

Whenever I am very tired, have cramps or a sore body, or a really nasty headache; I make it a point to ask my better half to give me a nice massage. Whether it is a head massage or back massage, some warm oil and loving hands always do the trick. A nice warm shower after that works like magic! Obviously, Parachute oil is to the rescue, I do make it a point to warm it a little before using.

5. Playing with my baby

All parents will agree that however stressful or hectic life is with a new baby in the house, there is nothing more elating than your baby smiling, laughing and cooing for you. One smile and I forget all my blues!

How do you unwind and loose yourself? Do share in comments!

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  1. These are fabulous tips to de-stress Avantika. I usually de-stress by taking a long shower and then curling up in bed watching a comedy. This is a sure shot way to help me relax and #SlowDownZindagi.

    1. Thanks Nithya! Your way works too! Thanks for reading. :)

  2. Hey Aavantika, Love the playing with the baby tip.. I think i'm going to try it soon. However for now my de-stress mantra is..
    Take The Stairs - Click Away - De-Clutter - Watch A Tear-Jerker - Head To The Spa
    Read my post here...

    1. Hi Heena! Thanks for reading! I absolutely loved your post too! De-cluttering is one of my ways too, but I forgot to mention it! And clicking away sounds good too! Though taking the stairs gets me more worked up. :)

  3. You really have good options to destress your life. I do embroidery for destressing it. The colourful threads make me creative and within few minutes I feel calm.

    1. Hi Bhawna, I love your idea! There was a time when I also used to indulge in art and craft hobbies, but in the past 3-4 years no time! :(