Friday, March 6, 2015

Dry baby, happy baby!

Now that my little one is almost five months old, he has started responding more, playing more and has also had his first laugh! Oh the joy it is to see him smile innocently (and also mischievously).

Among the many things that make him happy, a few are:

1. His rattles and teethers
He loves to hold his toys (or anything else that he can get hold of, like blankets, his own clothes, my fingers and so on) and put them in his mouth and chew on it! He totally gets thrilled in doing so, and if by any chance he cannot put something in his mouth, it frustrates him! Haha!

2. Pooping
Yes, I said it. You should see the joyful smile of relief on his face once he's pooped! And he makes this naughty expression that says, "Mommy, time to clean me!". Thank God for his Pampers diapers, cleaning up is so easy! Just throw the soiled diaper away, clean him up with baby wipes and done!

3. A good nap / sleeping all night
My kiddo has very little sleep. He is so hyperactive all the time (I sometimes feel it is because of all the Redbull craving and stealing sips during the 9 months of pregnancy?) that when he finally falls asleep and manages to sleep through the night, or when we take him for a stroll in the garden and he sleeps soothed by the motion and cool fresh air; and then wakes up all fresh! The way he stretches, lazing around and smile sheepishly! I must give some credit to his Pampers diaper again, staying dry for a long time and hence avoiding irritation.

4. Putting his foot in the mouth, literally
Now this is something fairly new, he's learnt to catch hold of his toes and put them in his mouth! And seems to thoroughly enjoy doing so and can do it for a long time, till he's hungry or distracted by something else. And it is so much fun to watch him do that again, and again and again.

5. Talking
Obviously not framing words or sentences, but my baby loves to babble coo and talk to whoever is ready to talk to him! And I'm pretty sure I have heard him say Hi, Ma and Wow (Unless I am over-enthusiastically hallucinating?)! Love to baby talk with him all the time!

And of-course, when his dad comes home from work, that makes him super duper happy, but that goes without saying, right?

Can't wait for him to start crawling, walking and jumping around so that I can play endlessly with him! Will then do another blog on his new tricks and mischief! Check out this super cute video by Pampers:

Truly, a dry baby is a happy baby! *Touches Wood*.

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