Sunday, March 15, 2015

Buying a new car in a metro-city

Buying a new car can be a pain. Deciding whether to buy a hatchback or indulge in a sedan, or to go for a family sized SUV. Then whether it fits the budget or requires a loan. Also whether to opt for a cost effective CNG / Diesel version or Petrol. That's not the end of it, which car, which company and even which colour is a very important decision.

And if you register online with your contact details, the franchise will call you so many times that you will get irritated and decide not to buy that car only! And the worst of all, once your relatives know you're planning to buy a car, they will all pour in their "expert advice" on which car to buy or not. And those are the same people who will ask for a party once I have already emptied my pockets in buying the car.

So when I started looking at options to upgrade my existing Tata Nano, my blogger friend from Bangalore told me how he bought a new car in Bangalore using online search portals.
It made it very easy for him to check car price in Bangalore and decide which one to purchase, he even got information on car loans in Bangalore.

So apparently, you can search for new or used cars, and look at showroom details like website, address, google map, contact number, social media pages, what all they deal in, their rating and if they are a valued partner. What really impressed me is the direct facebook/twitter/google plus and website links, after all I'm a social media enthusiast to the core. There is also a click to call / send sms feature. Saves a lot of time, definitely.

You can shortlist contacts to view them together later on. Once that is done all you need to do is visit the showroom of your choice. Makes it so much easier than visiting individual company websites. My friend told me that after purchasing his car, he also shopped for car accessories online and got them at much cheaper rates than a garage would charge him. He bought a USB enabled music player, car charger, car perfume, mobile mounting stand and tissue holder all from here! I think that's awesome.

He told me used cars are also listed here, since I am on a low budget and do not want to get into the hassle of car loans. I am sure I will get such decent deals in Mumbai as well. And I can even post a free ad to sell my Nano! You can use their website or mobile app, or simply call on 0444-444-4444.

My friend is very happy with his purchases and transactions and recommends online search portals not only for buying a new car or accessories, but a lot more. I definitely need to go to Bangalore to take a treat from him on his new car!

First thing tomorrow, I am going to register myself and shortlist and hopefully this month itself I would have my very own new car! Hurray!