Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Breakfast at #KelloggsWaleGuptaji

Take a quick look at this video:

I'm sure just like me, you're also curious to know why does everyone right from the school friend, to the neighbor want to be invited over for breakfast at Guptaji's home? I mean, usually we like to be invited for lunch or dinner, fancy food and all that jazz, right?

At Guptaji's home, they keep making a different variety from about 100 mouth watering recipes! And that's not the best part. They use our favourite classic grain based Kelloggs to make each breakfast item! Believe it or not, it's true!

I absolutely love Kelloggs cornflakes. My favourite way is with warm milk in winters or with cold milk and fruits in summers. Those were the only two ways I knew to eat my Kelloggs! Imagine a 100 ways!

I am a hardcore 'apple and cinnamon' fan be it apple pie, apple wontons or apple crumble cake! So when I saw the Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes recipe by Guptaji I was absolutely thrilled! Plus it is so easy! 1. Fill a bowl with the cornflakes. 2. Add the cold milk. 3.Top with the apples, cinnamon and sugar. 4. Serve immediately.

Pancakes using cornflakes! Now that is another recipe I would not have thought of in my wildest dream!

For a chocoholic like me, it's heavenly to see so many recipes using chocolate and Kelloggs! Healthy and sinful balanced, day made! I am absolutely looking forward to - Blackforest shake, nutty cornflakes rocks and Choco Cornflakes Peanut Chikki.

And if you're not much of a sweet-tooth, do not worry, there are salty options for you too! Cornflakes chivda, cornflakes chana chaat, cheesy cornflakes and the list goes on...

I'm sure you are drooling just like I am. The best part is all the recipes are easy, and have ingredients which we will most probably find in our kitchen. Who does not keep Kelloggs cornflakes at home! And they're fast to make, hence you're not spending all morning in the kitchen fixing the family something healthy and tasty to eat!

I am so not a morning person, hence anything that requires minimum efforts sounds good to me! I would definitely love to go to Guptaji's home and try the best dishes they recommend! I'd make it a point to go on a empty stomach. Haha!

And many of the recipes are perfect for tiffin too! Did you ever think you could have cornflakes in your tiffin? I don't think so! I am already planning the week ahead and selecting recipes by Guptaji.

A grain-based breakfast has the power to give you a solid start to the day - every single day! So from today, aaj ka naashta = anaaj ka naashta!

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