Saturday, March 14, 2015

80 Days World Cuisine at Global Culture, Navi Mumbai

So this cool new place at Palm Beach Road, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai called "Global Culture" has 4 entities - 80 Days World Cuisine, The Malts (Bar), Masala Table (Indian Cuisine) and Pan Pan (Asian).

Today we #NaviMumbaiFoodies went to 80 Days World Cuisine, which gets it name from "Around the world in 80 Days", neat eh? And obviously, has cuisine from around the globe - Italian, Lebanese, American, Mexican it was all there. I really wish they had their menu as a world map or country wise, how cool would that be!

The decor has everything to do with travel - country flags, a ship and the sort. There is a big screen on which one can watch live matches etc and also a coffee corner. In all, it looks very inviting for you to go with friends or family and chill on the weekend or weekday!

When we arrived at about 7 pm there were just a couple of tables occupied, but by the time we left at around 9:30 pm, the place was full!

We kicked off with starters and drinks. Olive Tepenade was crunchy and delicious, mini bit sized that got over in a jiffy. The essence of mushroom soup was heavenly, also a must try is their roasted tomato soup which we missed and will definitely try next time we go there. Jalapeno poppers were cheesy and melt in the mouth. For drinks we had Port No. 7, a whisky based cocktail, Green Apple and Hazelnut Martini, Virgin Green Apple Mojito and Mango and Plum smoothie. Lot of green apple they use I guess! The whiskey cocktail bagged the best drink award. Their drinks menu is from "The Malt", their next door bar cum lounge.

For main course there was a lot of variety. I being a vegetarian did not try the non-veg dishes served on our table, but from what my foodie friends say, most of it was decent. We had the Mezze platter which consisted of Hummus, Pita, Baba Ganoush, Falefel and Tabbouleh. The only disappointment in this platter was the Pita bread, which was a little rubbery. We also had BBQ Chicken Pizza, Risoto Primavera, Chicken Milanese and Lamb sliders. The Risoto was tomato based and we personally thought it should have been a little more dry, but the chef says this is how people ask for. Overall I was not too happy with the main course, or maybe we ended up trying the wrong dishes.

Coming to the desserts, since we were full and also in a hurry, we shared a Chocolate Marquis. This was simply amazing, dense chocolate, not to sweet, Reminded me of Mocha's chocolate avalanche. I also took a Baked New York Cheesecake as take away, and it was amazing too. Their desserts are outsourced, so well done whoever makes them!

My overall verdict is that I would definitely like to head back here for the soups and salads, starters, drinks and desserts. Worth visiting with your folks for the ambiance and chilled out atmosphere! Waiting to try Masala Table and The Malt too!

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