Saturday, February 28, 2015

Upgrade your Car with Quikr NXT!

I own a Nano LX 1st version. I know it deep in my heart that how much ever I love the first car I owned, it's now time to move on. The car has been good to our family for about 4+ years now but now it's, well old. And usually requires a lot of repairs and maintenance. Plus there are new versions of the Nano and so many other cars in the market!

Selling a car is a big task. I'm not one who can put a brochure or signage on my car that says "For sale - Price expected Rs. 5XXXX - Contact on 9876543210". I mean, what if I start getting unwanted calls, or start getting pestered? And selling it via a garage will mean getting a much lower price than it deserves, as they will give me reasons like 'It needs a lot of repair', 'Market is very low these days', 'A newer model sells for cheaper price.' and so on.....

Thank god for Quikr! My favourite way to sell used furniture, gadgets and now why not the car? Quikr, (unlike other used item buying and selling portals) now has a super cool chat feature called Quikr NXT, which basically allows you to not share your number and simply chat with interested buyers/sellers at your convenience.

I have already used this chat feature when I put up a few used gadgets for selling. Listing products is super easy and quick using the app too! No need to log on to your pc and post ads. Click a picture, enter the required information and you're sorted!

So what I would do is, post 2 ads. First would be to sell my present car. Will take good images of the car from all angles, and show any dent or damage present. One thing I've learnt with time is to always be honest about what you're selling. That way there is never any chance of dispute. I will enter the price I'm expecting and tick the negotiable check box too. All done, and fingers crossed!

Next I would post an ad for interest in buying a car. Yes, you can also post free ads if you're interested in purchasing something say a car, or an apartment etc. I will enter the required details and information along with my budget.

I always keep my number as private so that people can contact via email or the Quikr app chat. That way you can reply at your own convenience, no fake callers, no risk of number getting shared with spam callers and no calling at weird hours! I find the app very convenient. Now, With Quikr Nxt, buyers and sellers can immediately connect with each other through chat across Quikr's mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site.

As soon as I get a good deal for my existing car, I will sell it off. And if I get hold of a good car to buy before my car is sold, I can simply chat and request the seller to wait for a few days. Then I can buy another car of my choice and go for a long drive to celebrate!

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