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What comes to your mind first when you hear the word 'Bolt'?
A bolt of lightning? Fast and powerful?
The bolt (nuts and bolts) that's made out of metal?
Or from the Movie named Bolt starring a canine who has superpowers?

What if I told you that the Bolt I witnessed today has the features of all the three mentioned above, and is way cooler?

I am talking about none other than Tata's new hatchback - BOLT, officially launching on the 22nd January 2015. Take a quick look at this beautiful beast:

                                                    (Image Source:

I have always been a hatchback gal. I find sedans too big to drive in metro-cities like Mumbai, and SUVs too manly. Parking woes, narrow lanes etc are best dealt with a cute hatchback! Truth be said, a Mini Cooper is my all time dream car, but it will take me years to own that.

I am a loyal Tata Motors fan, currently owning the Tata Nano LX. I was completely thrilled with the features of the Bolt when I checked it out at Inorbit Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai today!

The sales executives were so enthusiastic, explaining all the features etc. There even was the option to book the car on the spot for a meager Rs.5000 to get the BOLT delivered on the day of launch. Oh and test drive the BOLT to stand a chance to win it! Super cool na! They gave this cool wrist band along with the brochure too:

Although the car is a complete package, available in both petrol and diesel variant, here are the fabulous five features of the new TATA BOLT that I absolutely LOVEEE:

So you can opt to choose a speed as per usage. Sport when you need complete power, Eco for excellent fuel efficiency and City for a balance between the two. Isn't that just simply mind-blowing? It is a new feature, not seen in any other car in India yet. I'm sure it will help me save money, as I save on the fuel!

Dual air-bags, child-lock facility, corner stability control are really important features. I would feel much more secured to know that my family and I are protected in-case some weirdo suddenly changes lanes or I need to suddenly apply brakes or drift in case of an emergency. With a new baby in the house, the child-safety lock is a feature I absolutely need.

3. CONNECTNEXT - Infotainment by HARMAN
Harman & JBL are my absolute fav when it comes to quality of sound. The all new TATA BOLT has partnered with Harman to put in a touchscreen panel that takes care of navigation, music, voice command, sms readouts and much more. It makes the car a smart-car!

4. BONUS features
The sales executive explained awesome features like the steering wheel can be adjusted at three different heights, a small tray beneath the co-passenger seat, a glove compartment so big that it can fit a netbook / small laptop.

The BOLT is a majestic looking car, looking just gorgeous in it's red variant. I am eager to know what are the other colours it launches in, but as of now it looks awesome the way it is! It has a new signature front grille and projector headlamps. The interiors are pretty swanky and chic too. Sat in front as well as behind, both were comfortable, seats as well as leg-space; something that is sometimes lacking in hatchbacks.

Take a quick look at the main highlights of TATA BOLT : 

(Image Source:

Can't wait test-drive the car (which I registered for at the mall) and hope to get extremely lucky and win it! This new year got even more powerful, all thanks to the TATA BOLT.

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