Friday, January 30, 2015

Cupid Games 2015: The Flirty Face-Off #CupidGames

Dare : Ask your crush out on a Valentine's date by getting creative with your Facebook profile pic and cover photo. The quirkier your pic, the bolder your move!

So this campaign is by far the most innovative and exciting one I have come across. Valentine's Day is almost 2 weeks away and I am thrilled that Indiblogger & Close Up have given me a chance to do something different for my love this year!

I am a social media manager by profession, so obviously, Facebook and twitter are my weapons. :P Fortunately, my guy also is active on Facebook and is always checking notifications when free. Otherwise this dare would have probably been a flop show. Now the interesting part is, he is not much into public display of affection aka PDA. So I am very sure he is going to be very very surprised at what I am about to do!

Guys usually have ask out girls for proms, dates or to be their Valentine, at-least that is how it commonly is in our country. So I think its quite zany and unconventional when a girl, openly publicly on a platform like Facebook, where friends, friends of friends, relatives and everyone are present; asks out her guy to be her valentine! Check the video:

Do something unique, innovative, creative even crazy for your love this Valentine's Day and don't commercialize it!

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Disclaimer: This blog post is a part of Indiblogger & Close Up's #CupidGames 2015. 

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