Sunday, January 25, 2015

Casual & Winter looks from Zovi! #BlogForZovi

I am a Zovi elite member and have shopped from the website since it's initial days! I did stop purchasing from there in between because their stuff was also available on Flipkart. But I recently came back to shop from the website and here is my experience -

The website:

It is one of the most user-friendly e-commerce websites I have come across. Sign up or log in via Facebook for a hassle free checkout. You can shop by categories/looks/what's new or offers.

When you go to a product, you can instantly see how many people viewed/purchased/loved/commented on it. So if there is any hesitation it can be overcome.

One thing that I did not find in any other e-commerce competitors is their size chart. In a few categories, you can find your size according to a t-shirt you own from another brand. For eg. if you own a Garfeild t-shirt, you can enter the size you wear, Zovi will suggest which Zovi size you should buy accordingly.

They have this unique feature to search for items via voice command, how cool is that!

I also love the look of their checkout page, where you can see discounts instantly:

The service:

Ordering and paying was hassle free. Got sms and email updates when order got processed, shipped and out for delivery. After sales service is very good too, got emailers with suggestions based on my recent purchase as well as asking for a feedback on my experience. My order was delivered in 3-4 working days which is fair enough. Maybe they can add a priority shipping at an additional cost if someone would like something delivered the next day.

The products:

1. Ombre Pink Pullover Rs. 1599/-

I simply loved this ombre pullover, perfect to make winters bright! Though it looks nice with blue/black denims too, I loved how the model on their website pairs it with white! Hence I did the same. I also had a pink tote bag to pair it with. The pullover is a bit over-sized but I guess that is how it is supposed to be so that you can layer it with a t-shirt. It is comfortable and cute, a combination hard to find. Here is how I styled it:

 (Love the colourful background here, though the white is too bright. :P)

(Mandatory selfie, or should I say zelfie?)

(Love the cute floral hairband!)

Pullover: Zovi, Tote Bag: Victoria's Secret, Skinny Jeans: Jealous 21

These palazzo pants are absolutely comfortable, so light and airy! Perfect for the approaching spring/summer days! I think it would go well with solid white or solid black. The button on it though felt a little weak in stitching, could come out soon. Also am not sure if I am too comfortable in the crepe material, I would constantly feel it will tear.

Overall experience:

Zovi also has a Facebook group called "Be the buyer" where you can vote for products they put up that you would like to see on the site and even buy. You can even make suggestions as to what you want! I loved being a part of #BlogForZovi and hope I win so that I can shop some more! Maybe create a menswear look this time!

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