Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wella Elements Launch + Review #WellaHair

Last week, I received an invite for the launch of a new range of products by Wella. Mind you, it was not just any invite but a 'peace lily' plant in a beautiful cup & saucer pot. It is by far the best invite I've received in a long time, and it got me curious about the event that followed.

The venue for the event was 'House of tales' at Kala Ghoda, near Nutcracker's Cafe, and that totally worked for me because it was five minutes away from work! The event was a short & sweet one, to the point, just the way I like!

We started off by writing our 'wella wishes' in a paper & putting 'em in an envelope. Apparently, lucky people will have their wishes come true. There were interesting starters like thai curry pani puri, rawpressery juices etc being served and that totally was in sync with the whole green and natural theme. Oh, dress code for the event was green and white, and I decided to add some brown too. Haha.

Soon we had the scientist behind the product Dr.Kerstin Meyer Lipp and actor Nimrat Kaur on stage, talking about how the product came to be. 

Wella Professionals Elements is inspired by nature to provide up to ten times more strength against breakage* for renewed hair vitality. Wella Professionals Elements protects the integral keratin structure, keeping your hair shiny and healthy, but without some of the chemicals usually associated with hair care products. Keratin is the principal component of hair – a protein which acts as the building blocks of the hair. If the keratin is degenerated, the hair will become weak and will lose its shine.

Sulfates, parabens and artificial colorants are commonly used, safe ingredients in hair care and have been extensively tested but some people wish to avoid them, so the scientists at Wella Professionals have developed the exclusive NuTREE complex.

The NuTree complex is enriched with natural tree extract – a powerful antioxidant which helps reduce free radical damage. Sustainably sourced in Germany, the natural tree extract also has anti-irritant properties to balance and calm the scalp.

The natural tree extract is joined by panthenol, also known as pro-vitamin B5, which penetrates deeply into the hair to repair the inner keratin cell structure and bind moisture in the hair. The result is hair which looks smooth, healthy and is nourished from the roots to the tips and lathers beautifully, just the way we want. (she even gave a live demonstration of the lathering part).

The packaging is kept simple, they want to sell the product for what it does, not for a beautiful bottle. And the scent is a woody, foresty smell which is not too strong but feels fresh. They also told us how this product will reduce hair fall, and told us about their experiment using a robot combing hair rapidly and the difference in hair fall when using another product vs Wella Elements.

She took us through every scientific detail and explained it so that we laymen could understand, we were mostly females so that was required. Haha. There was then a quick Q&A session, followed by a photo-session. Nimrat Kaur was the person experimented on, and she talked about her experience with hair & why she loves the product.

Then we had some more starters, there even were pretty cupcakes and cookies. All the pretty bloggers were interacting and chatting with one another. There were beautiful decor in the nature theme where we'll took pictures, I loved 'in the lap of nature' the most!

I felt like Cinderella who had to hurry back to work before the watch ticked 6pm coz I had to close out on a couple of tasks at hand. On my way out I was given a goodie bag that contained the elements shampoo and hair mask, along with a Jean-Claude Biguine voucher. Yay!

I couldn't wait to try these products, as I'm a sucker for natural products or herbal remedies and the sort. Here's my take-

  • After the first wash itself hair felt softer, lighter and livelier. I couldn't stop playing with my tresses all day.
  • I would be lying if I said that other products I've tried in the past haven't given me similar results. This product is not going to work magic that suddenly thickens your hair or feels like a spa. What it's supposed to do is, be as good or better than your chemical based products, yet achieve those results using natural and harmless ingredients. Now that's a breakthrough for sure.
  • In the range, they have a conditioner as well as hair mask, so depending on your hair texture and needs, choose any one of them if you need lighter conditioning or heavier, respectively.
  • I cannot comment on the hairfall prevention yet, because I've only used the product twice, but I can already notice my hair are stronger and I'm pretty optimistic that my hairfall problems are going to end soon!
  • The panthenol is supposed to calm and keep the scalp away from irritations, which is a must have and need for me, because my skin and scalp is really sensitive and gets aggravated by the slightest discomfort or chemical.
  • The shampoo is priced at Rs.975/- and the hair mask at Rs. 1075/-, and available only for use or sale at partner salons. Though the pricing may seem a little on the upper side as compared to your usual products, it is very much in line with the wella professional products you buy at salons. And if you think of it this way that you'd be saving the amount you would otherwise invest in hair treatments, it makes complete sense.

Overall, I love the new wella Elements range and can't thank the wella team enough for working on this new breakthrough! Follow Wella Professionals on Facebook/Instagram and stay tuned for their latest updates.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Why I Want To Go For A Singapore Vacation Again!

I paid a visit to Singapore-Malaysia in December 2012 and this festive month has, once again, reminded me of the blast I had on that trip. I never blogged about it, so I thought, better late than never. I will not get into the details of what I did over the days, but I will make this more of a blog on what you should do if you’re in Singapore for a week.

If you do not have budget restraints and are celebrating special occasionssuch as honeymoons, anniversaries or birthdays, then this is it! It is the most iconic hotel in Singapore with a breath-taking view, gorgeous roof-top swimming pool and the added advantage of being at a prime location. The hotel’s architecture itself makes it an iconic place. We couldn’t stay there since we were on a budget constraint, but we’ve already decided to go there for one of the special occasions of our life. And if you plan well in advance, you can even get some awesome discount deals like 40-50% off on your stay.

The merlion with Marina Bay Sands in the background. PC: Self
You can pay a visit to:

Sentosa Island– This amazing place is thriving with activity; there are a number of offerings such as the Universal Studios, etc. and activities for people of all ages, whether a kid or adult. We had a blast at the Universal Studios, and plan to come back with the kiddo once he is old enough to understand and enjoy. You can also enjoy light and water shows, sea world, luge rides etc. at Sentosa Island.

Clarke Quay– If you’re looking to indulge in clubbing and enjoy nightlife, then this is the place to be. The whole place is house to pubs, lounges, clubs with awesome music, live performances and so much energy! A must-visit for any young couple.

Orchard Street– Are you a die-hard shopaholic? Then this is the place for you. Especially during the Christmas season, you get to witness the enchanting d├ęcor and all the high-street brands for all those who take delight in shopping. So you can shop till you drop, literally.

Little India– If you’re becoming slightly homesick, then this place will make definitely make you feel at home. Full of Indians, Indian shops, food and even temples, this is the reason this area in Singapore is called what it is.

Cruise– One of our best decisions till date has been the fact that we availed the services of ‘Superstar Libra’ that takes off from Singapore. We even got to halt for a day at Malaysia and cover iconic destinations such as KL Tower &Petronas Twin Towers. The trip was worth it, you can bet on that!

Other attractions– If it is your first time to Singapore, then you should definitely cover the mandatory Singapore flyer, Garden by the Bay (at Marina Bay Sands), Merlion Park, Chinese and Buddhist temples etc. And you should definitely try saving some money to shop at the duty-free shops that houses brands such as Charles & Keith and the likes.

Egyptian world at Universal Studio
If you’ve travelled by the Mumbai Locals or Delhi Metro, you can comfortably travel by the Singapore metro and save tons of money which you would spend on cabs otherwise, which are pretty costly out there.

I cannot wait to check-into Marina Bay Sands again, if given a chance! Singapore is a place that is constantly changing, evolving and developing and I’m sure you will be able to experience more attractions that might have come up, since my visit. Do comment and let me know about them so that I can add them to my wish list!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Bestseller She Wrote - Ravi Subramaniam - Review

I have read a couple of other books my the author Ravi Subramaniam (The bankster, God is a gamer) and have become a fan. Hence, when his latest book - The Bestseller She Wrote arrived in mail, I was thrilled!

It's already mentioned on the cover that it's soon to be a motion picture and that obviously increases the curiosity further, because as far as I know, none of his earlier books have been made into a movie yet. I read only during my daily commute to work, so finished reading this fast paced book in 5 days or you can say around 10-12 hours.

The book revolves around a established famous author and his affair and ups and downs. How one can get smitten and forget what is wrong or right and how true love is strong to overcome all such instances. My favourite character in the book is Maya, she is the ideal wife or mother. The book is a very present NOW book with mentions of the author Ravi himself along with Chetan Bhagat, mention about bloggers and social media, also a mention about Blogadda, yay! Ravi Subramaniam is always bringing about the latest happenings in his book, whether talking about bitcoins or bloggers.

It's indeed a very fimly story, no doubt some producer decided to buy the film rights. And throughout the story I kept picturing which actors would suit which roles the best. I think Arjun Kapoor would play the role of a successful author really well, and Pareeniti could play the role of Shreya and maybe Priyanka Chopra the role of Maya. Anyways, coming back to the book, though is again is placed in the banking world, it was more of romance, sex, drama and glamour as compared to any of his other books. 

There is a twist in the end, which was not foreseen, but for me personally this wasn't the best work by the author. But if you're a fan of Bollywood and such stories, then you are going to enjoy this book thoroughly. I have enjoyed his other books more, though. But will definitely await the movie and watch it whenever it releases.

I am yet to read all the books by Ravi Subramaniam, will get my hands on them soon. You can buy the book online on Flipkart or Amazon or pick it up from your nearest bookshop, This book also inspired and reminded me of my dream to one day write a book of myself. There is so much to learn from these authors.

Take a look at the cool way they've marketed the book, even his other books always have a animated video - 

You can follow author Ravi on twitter - @subramanianravi he's a very interactive author! Looking forward to more books in the future. Do check out other reviews on my blog too! 

I am reviewing ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

Google Hangouts with Santa at Hamleys, High Street Phoenix

Hamleys always has something fun lined up for the kids, and what better time then Christmas days! Kids are really tech-savvy these days and even a 3-4 year old knows how to use smartphones, TV or laptop. I guess keeping that in mind, Hamleys had a Google Hangouts video chat with Santa across three performing stores in three cities - Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

They set-up a screen and laptop in one section of the store and called all kids to talk to Santa before Santa head-out to North Pole. All the kid's who understood this were very thrilled to see Santa talking to them via the webcam.

Apart from this activity they had nice Christmas decor everywhere, and the counters they usually have during carnivals that including tattoo making, magic show, etc. The store was full of kids and parents shopping away for Christmas presents.

Mandatory selfie at Hamleys, though I look way more excited than my kiddo, he is yet to start understanding Christmas, Santa etc, I cannot wait for that time, when I will get him a Christmas tree and we'll decorate it together and he'll open a present on Christmas morning.

Pretty balloons!
My kiddo loves going shopping I think!

If you missed the Google Hangouts with Santa, fret not, as the Christmas weekend will be the Grand Christmas Parade with colourful and fun characters! And this is happening at all Hamleys stores across India so head over to your nearest Hamleys with the kids.

Some more pics of my li'l mozart and his favourite pay area yesterday. Don't forget to follow @Hamleys_India on twitter or facebook and stay tuned for updates on their latest happenings!

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Don’t miss the chance to give Santa your Christmas list personally!

As a part of ‘Christmas with Hamleys’, kids will get a unique opportunity to interact with Santa Claus before he leaves for the North Pole this Christmas! Thanks to technology Santa is now reachable to all kids via the Google hangout facilitated by Hamleys at our stores.
To participate just visit any of the Hamleys stores across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata between 5:00pm to 8:00pm on December 19th and get a chance to share your Christmas wish list with Santa personally!
Visit Hamleys and join us as we spread the Christmas cheer with interactive and super fun activities, installations and much more which are a part of ‘Christmas with Hamleys’.

Get a chance to win a personal visit from Santa by participating in Hamleys ‘Letter to Santa’

India, December, 17th, 2015 – Christmas is around the corner and we at Hamleys believe in delivering a traditional Christmas that you would expect from The Finest Toy Shop in the World! The Hamleys experience is about its unique brand of theatre and entertainment which transports families to a world of fun and discovery. As a part of ‘Christmas at Hamleys’, there will be week-long festivities of fun, interactive activities held at the Hamleys stores, including, Santa visits, workshops, games, signature Hamleys Christmas parade, gorgeous interactive installations and much more.
Hamleys will also give each kid an opportunity to get a personal visit from Santa himself with Hamleys ‘Letters to Santa’!, an annual property which kids and parents eagerly await every year. For parents it’s the joy of bringing back the lost art of letter writing as the kids write to santa about all the good deeds they’ve done during the year and the toy they desire. For kids its pure joy as they get a chance to experience a personal visit from Santa to their house with gifts of their choice, which is sure to delight any child!
What’s more, this year Hamleys makes it even more easier for the kids to send across their letter to Santa, as he has become technologically savvy and children can reach him by either email, whatsapp and even his own website!
To participate, all the child has to do is write a letter to Santa, tell him how you have been good this year and what toys you would like from him (you can even choose from the Hamleys India Christmas top 10 toy list), and you may just get a surprise visit from Santa himself!

-        Write a letter the traditional way and drop it at the post boxes put up at the Hamleys Stores and in the Mall
-        Email your letters at
-        Write your letter, take a pic and whatsapp it to Santa on 9004478348
-        Write a letter on

The best letters will get a visit from Santa to your house, with your wish list of toys delivered to your doorstep and also get to attend a Hamleys exclusive Christmas party.

Hamleys has always been more than just a toy store. It is about bringing toys to life with exciting events, all of which come together to provide a magical experience where creativity and imagination run free. One can visit the Hamleys store for a host of interesting Christmas activities leading to the grand Christmas parade at the end.

Google Hangouts With Santa Only At Hamleys
Christmas with Hamleys’, kids will get a unique opportunity to interact with Santa Claus before he leaves for the North Pole this Christmas! Thanks to technology Santa is now reachable to all kids via the Google hangout facilitated by Hamleys at our stores.
 December 19th
Between 5-7pm
*Mumbai : High Street Phoenix
*Delhi : Ambience Vasant Kunj
*Bangalore: (Phoenix market city)

Christmas workshops at Hamleys
Christmas Themed Art & Craft Activities. Make Christmas card, Christmas tree
Decorations, Snowman and much more!
December 19th, 20th & 23rd
Between 5-8pm
All Hamleys stores
Christmas workshops at Hamleys
Balloon Sculptors
December 24th & 25th
Between 5-8pm
All Hamleys stores
Christmas workshops at Hamleys
Tattoo Artist
December 19th, 20th,23th,24th & 25th      
Between 5-8pm
All Hamleys stores
Hamleys Christmas Parade
The grand Christmas Parade with colourful and fun characters  
December 24th & 25th
Between 5-8pm
All Hamleys stores

About Hamleys

Hamleys, The Finest Toy Shop in the World from the UK is also In India. With the opening of its first store in Mumbai at High Street Phoenix, Hamleys now present in 7 cities in India with 12 stores that capture the imagination of children with its wide range of toys, exclusive merchandise and magical experience. The Hamleys experience is an ultimate treat for the entire family. It offers a wide range of toys from much loved brands to more traditional toys and toys which have enthralled children over generations, as well as quirky and unusual treasures. This includes the Hamleys Own Brand range, renowned for exceptional quality and play value. The Hamleys experience is also not complete without its unique brand of theatre and entertainment which enthrals both children and adults alike. Toy demonstrators and magicians, unique demos and iconic fixtures, exciting events and activities all come together to provide a magical experience.