Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein!

This post is a part of Indiblogger's campaign for Kinley - Boondh boondh mein sachai.

Before reading ahead, do take a look at this short and simple video, an instance most of us have been through in our youth:

Indiblogger asked to tell them about a time in your life where telling the truth was the right thing to do. Though there must be many instances, there is this one particular instance that I remember clearly till date.

This was when I was in the 10th standard, the last year of school, the year when we all students become rebels, because there is not much the teachers can do right! :P

I have always been a good student, class monitor, completing homework, being the teacher's favorite and the sort. But in the last year of school, I also got a little slacked. I also wanted to enjoy like my classmates and friends from other schools.

I had these 3 friends, one from my school and 2 boys from another school who used to bunk school very often and roam about. They would go for morning movie shows, go to marine drive or juhu beach or worli sea-face. Basically enjoy, and then tell me the stories and make me super-jealous. I simply did not have the guts to bunk. What if I got caught?

But one day, the three of them encouraged and motivated me and I agreed to bunk. Left from home in my school uniform, carrying casual clothes in bag. We went for a movie and then did time-pass in the mall till it was time to go back. Changed back into uniform and went home , all smiles , thinking that this was totally awesome! My friend tagged along with me, just to make sure I didn't goof up.

On reaching home, my mom had this deadly expression on her face. She asked me, where was I. I quickly hid my fright and made a surprised expression. "Where was I? I was at school mom! Where else would I be!" I said.

She asked me the same question again. Now me and my friend both knew we were in trouble. My friend backed me up and said that we were both at school. My mom lost it and said that she got a call from my teacher saying that I had not come to school. Now I knew she was lying, because why would my teacher call to say that, I was a loyal student after all. Lie after lie, confidently I told my mom that I know my teacher did not call and I was very much at school.

My mom was terribly upset now, in shock at the number of lies I came up with. She finally told me the truth that a classmate of mine called on the land-line to speak to me regarding some homework doubt he had. When my mom told him that Avantika is not yet back from school, he said, "But aunty, Avantika did not come to school!".

I did not give up yet. I made another string of lies stating that this classmate who called had gone for some basketball match and did not know that I was at school. He must have not seen me at school. My friend again, added her own 'masala' to this lie. My mom lost her cool, yelled at my friend to go to her home and gave me one slap.

I had to finally confess that I bunked school. I told her where we went. She asked me why did I not tell her? She told me it is okay if I do not feel like going to school but I should not lie to her. How would she trust me all her life?

Believe it or not, I still bunked school after that. But always told my mom about it. No more changing uniforms or being scared. I enjoyed chilling even more (of-course I did my studies too). Telling the truth is really a big relief. And when you lie, you need to have such a sharp memory to remember all the lies!

Thank you ma for understanding me, and thank you Kinley & Indiblogger, for making me recall this episode of my life.


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