Friday, October 3, 2014

Game of Blogs : Story Weavers - Part 21

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Shekhar opened his eyes. Aryan's gun shot a bullet that hit Shekhar on his chest making him unstable for a few seconds, but Shekhar had come prepare wearing a bullet-proof vest inside. Simultaneously someone from Shekhar's team had also tried to shoot Aryan, but missed him though the bullet managed to aim the gun and drop it a few steps away. 

Aryan did not hesitate for another second and quickly removed a knife from his pocket and threatened to kill Cyrus.

"Shekhar, I will not hesitate to kill this guy this very moment, you have to let me go" said Aryan. "This is not a bollywood movie Aryan, go ahead and kill him, it will simply add one more to the list but catching you will stop more deaths" said Shekhar with a tone that did not betray the emotion that he really meant it. 

Cyrus, by this time had already peed his pants, counting the seconds and praying to God and remembering his parents and all that. He dared not mention that his cellphone contained the videos he had recorded and uploaded, or else his throat would be slit that very instant. He was shocked at Shekhar's reaction and thought that if he had to live, he would only have to do something.

"You're lying Shekhar, you cannot let a citizen die like that in front of you, you would never be able to live with it. I have seen you play with Roohi, you're a kind-hearted man, wonder why you thought of joining the...whaatttt the" before Aryan could complete his statement Cyrus had taken this opportunity to snatch the knife out of Aryan's hand and pointed it at Aryan.

Cyrus, neither trained nor quick enough was no match for Aryan. Aryan quickly ran, did a somersault and jumped out of the window. Shekhar ran behind him, yelling into his walky-talky and alerting the team outside. 

"Hey you!" shouted Shekhar to Cyrus before he left. "I'm going to need my team to nab the terrorists. I know you're the same fellow who uploaded the videos online, you seem to be brave enough. I need you to gather the hostages and take them to the entrance of the hotel. My men will take it from there. See you around" and he was off.

Cyrus was startled for a moment wondering how did Shekhar guess it was him, but it was not that difficult also, after all only his face was not seen in any of the videos. Cyrus, who always thought that his life did not have any aim or purpose, suddenly felt important and on a mission. “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” 

He quickly gathered everyone and escorted the nervous bunch downstairs. For the very first time, he considered joining the police force.


Meanwhile, Tara and rest of the media captured live the entire escape scene of the terrorist. The entire nation was following live updates of this hell of a day. Jeniffer, who was still surfing the internet on the phone, saw this live news clip and was in shock. Though she had decided to leave, now that Aryan had escaped and would soon join the rest, she was scared that they would finally complete the mission that they were set on. She had to stop them, but for that she would have to join them.

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