Tuesday, April 22, 2014


So Mederma wanted us to share stories from our lives, in which at some point we had a setback (Star) but overcame it and are it is now in the past (Star). I really like their hashtag #ScarToStar. :)

I think everyone faces setbacks in life, unexpected events that create havoc in life. And it is really tough to come back to normal. Those who do, really deserve appreciation. Though thanks to God, I have not really experienced any movie like major scar in life which was so epic that I can write a book on.. But small one's.. Yes, there might be a few.

As a school going girl I was rather shy, introvert and fat (And add to that a serious acne problem!) And that if anyone else who has experienced, can totally understand how difficult it can be, specially during the teens. It wasn't even that I was a genius kid, I was pretty average. I used to be compared with cousins or friends who were excelling in academics or sports or something else. That was a really low phase of life, when I just didn't want to go out, or talk to people. I would be in my own world, playing alone or reading a book or writing dark poems or diary entries. In-fact my depression, as you may call it was so intense, I felt like hurting myself.

Then soon, it all changed. My family relocated to another place because we needed a larger home. So, goodbye school, goodbye friends, goodbye old lifestyle. From a posh south Mumbai area, we went to the suburbs. And I hated it, I hadn't even heard the name of this place we were going to live at! When we went for the school admissions, I looked at the students and was like Eeuuu! I am not studying at such a school. But then, I didn't have much of an option. With time, I start losing weight (Maybe it was all the stress I was going through.). With that, my confidence started building up. From a all-girls convent I was not in a boys majority class, and initially found it difficult to even talk to guys without shouting at them. Then slowly I started mingling, even enjoying their company. Playing pranks with them instead of bitching like the girls did was way more fun! This gave me exposure and when I noticed my company wanted, it totally boosted my morale. I even started doing better at studies, magically!

I changed my outlook towards like, started talking to people, learnt that be good to others and they'll be good to you. Made a lot of friends, had a lot of fun and even was the teacher's pet! With time as my acne and weight issues started disappearing I started getting asked out by guys, which I believe is the best thing to make you feel confident and important! Ever since, life has been good.

I sometimes look back and wonder, what if we never relocated, would I still be the same gloomy person I was? Maybe! What I thought was the worst decision made by my family turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me!

Thank you for inspiring me to share this with everyone, Mederma. :)

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Thursday, April 10, 2014


So the Giant election has kicked off recently and there is a rage all over India. Social media platforms, TV channels, advertisements, discussions, debates. Infact debates and discussions have reached Whatsapp groups!

Its good to know that so many of us are aware, concerned and active in changing our Country's future.

Before I pour in my thoughts, let me tell you this is not a sponsored blog supporting any political party. Infact I have a week more, and I am still not 100% sure whom I want to vote for.

But we want change, that is certain. We're tired of the corruption, inflation, safety of women, over-population, unemployment and many more issues.

But how to we trust who is going to bring that change? Why is it that what the candidates promise in their campaigns is not documented as a legal agreement which is void if promises are not implemented?

I am not taking names here, I don't even know if all the facts, blames, accusations put on each party are true or not.

Many of us have decided whom to vote for, many have even voted. Its awesome to see all the proud selfies of people with their inked finger. I also like that bike ad where he says 'is baar talent ko chuno'.

Its a matter of 5 years, which is not a small period. A lot can change in it. We obviously want a better future for our future kids. We should make a pros and cons list for each option, and whoever has the most pros and least 'cons' in their bag, should get the vote. And post that, lets just hope that India sees a knew morning.

Because, its time this dark night gets over.