Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Android Tips & Tricks

The very reason I shifted from iOS to Android was because Android offers much more customization, personalization, exploring than Apple. (Not to mention getting free apps, and paying for them on iOS). You must have come across a million tips & tricks for Android. Every time you buy a new phone, and someone else using the same model will start telling you Do's & Dont's. But not every Tip & Trick will be applicable to you, not necessary that you will find it useful!

Here are a few useful & common android tips & tricks, but please bear in mind, the android settings can vary from brand to brand, like Google Nexus series give you a pure vanilla android experience, others like Samsung , Sony, Huawei etc customize the OS.

1. Taking a screenshot


So you are wondering how to print screen without having to bother with the options? Fortunately or unfortunately, Android devices do not come with a PrintScreen button. So what? It wouldn’t hurt to use a combination of two buttons on an Android instead, would it?

That’s right: simply long press the power button and volume down button at the same time. Some would even be able to do this with a combination of Home and power button. Head to the gallery and you will find the printed screen saved in there. Handy in one of those quick time events, is it not? Androids have their perks afterall. OPfcourse, Galaxy Note 2 & 3 have this super cool swipe gesture to take a screenshot.

2. Take A Photo While Shooting A Video


How many times would you find yourself in a position where you would want to capture a still photo while shooting a video? Android (specifically Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean) will make your wish come true. It is interesting how one of the coolest Android tricks is so simple to execute.

3. Save Your Fingers, Use Your Voice


Feeling too cold to use your fingers for search or text messaging? Well, Android tricks are well in place to help you get through that. You might just be familiar with this but it is no surprise that a handy feature such as this makes it to the list of coolest Android tricks.

You notice that little microphone stacked in the corner down there? Of course, you do. However, there are times when we forget the simplest; yet, most helpful things in life. This might be another one. Solution? Use that microphone and say your stuff rather than having to type boatloads of messages.

While you are shooting a video, tap the screen to capture the desired frame. Do not worry about having to manually save the image because it is automatically saved to the gallery. Continue shooting the video and then find the still image in the gallery.

4. Avoid suspicious ad-supported apps

We have nothing against ad-supported software, but some apps take that concept to the extreme, with ads being displayed on the notification bar. Some even add links to shady search engines to your home screen and suspicious bookmarks to the browser. These apps should be avoided since their ads consume data and battery life, not to mention that they might put your private information at risk. To see what ad-supported apps you have installed on your Android device, give Lookout Ad Network Detector a try.

5. Locating lost/stolen android

Screenshot 2014-02-04 15.20.11.png

Log into your gmail account from your laptop/desktop using the same ID you're using on your smartphone. Go to Playstore--> Settings Gear Icon --> Android Device Manager

From here you will be able to ring, lock or erase your phone. I have tried & tested it, and it works. I think it is an amazing thing, Google has finally got its answer to iOS's Find my Iphone.

There are many more tips & tricks, ranging from basic one's to complicated one's that involve rooting etc. I have a blog on "How to make your Android Smartphone smarter", which has a few tips too, check them out HERE.


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