Saturday, January 18, 2014

My FAVOURITE Android Apps

Hi, Most of us use the popular apps daily, like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, WeChat, Instagram and so on. I am not here to talk about these common & popular apps. Because if you are on Huawei club, you are already a tech lover and talking about these common apps will be mundane.

So, here are my TOP 10 FAVOURITE Apps as follows-

1. DROPBOX (9.5/10)

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Dropbox is a cloud based app that allows you to sync & access your data from anywhere. You can upload files from your PC and view on your smartphone and vice versa. What I really love about this is you can upload any file format, document, image, music, video etc. Other apps are usually restricted to text and image only. I use it frequently to access my documents, take tally backup, share files with folks etc. Never faced any issue with the app, and it doesn't use much space too. Only if you download the file you will consume phone memory. One bonus is if you get people to register on dropbox, you get a referral space added for free i.e. 500 mb for every user you get to register!

2. UMANO (9/10)

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Umano: News read to you was installed by me on my smartphone only a couple of months ago, and I love it. Basically, you select a article and it will be read to you. We internet addicts know how much our eyes are strained by constantly viewing the screen of our laptop or smartphone or tablet etc. But our thirst for knowledge is insatiable. Imagine using your travel time, or before your sleep to put on your headphones and listen to knowledgeable articles? You can choose your field of interests, technology, current affairs, health, the list goes on. Just select the article, it buffers real fast and you can listen to it. The voice is very clear and you can easily understand it. I love using this while travelling, because I am tired of straining my eyes.

3. EVERNOTE (8/10)

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This one again, is a cloud based app that allows you to view notes from any device, anywhere anytime. You must be wondering that since Dropbox is already on my list why do I still talk about Evernote. That is because there is quite a difference between both apps and evernote is really good for reasons. Shopping lists, things to do, reminders, using camera to click a image, these can all be stored on evernote. It can be password protected too, in case you want to store confidential data like passwords too. in dropbox, you have to first download the word file or excel file, which can be time consuming if what you're looking for is for is instant access to data. Google Keep does the same thing, it is another beautiful app. But since I have been using evernote since atleast 5 years, my loyalty is more towards it.


download (2).jpg

Now this is an app for individuals like me who need to lose weight but are too lazy to go to the gym. There are many fitness apps or dieting apps, but this one combines both. Basically, you get started with a few details like your age, height, weight and targeted weight/inch reduction. Choose activities that are possible for you to do (they have a huge list of them). And then what you do is feed in daily what you eat, how much you workout. It acts as an automatic pedometer, will calculate and tell you how many steps you took today. It will motivate you and give targets to reach towards your final goal! Try it, is all I would say.

5. TRUECALLER (7/10)

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I am sure most of you are aware of this app, but I could not help NOT mentioning it. It is a life saviour. Saving me from picking up unwanted spam telecallers, or letting me pick up important calls I was looking forward to from unknown no.s! Basically you register, allow it to ready your phonebook (Thats a minus if you are too concerned about your privacy). This is does for all its users, which is how it creates a database and tells you who is calling! Of course you need a internet connection to be on for the same. I love how you can directly save contacts from the app itself. The only reason I am giving it a 7 is that this is the free version, the paid version allows you to access its premium features.

6. WebMD (6/10)

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I used to log onto their website, and was really happy when they finally launched their app. I am one of those who will visit the doctor only when it's the last resort (Please do not judge.) Basically, Web MD lists all illness & diseases, their symptoms, treatment and causes. They have this really awesome "Symptom Checker" in which you enter the body part, symptoms you are experiencing, and it will give you a list of probable causes, which is usually accurate. Ofcourse, this does not substitute for visiting a doctor, but atleast you can understand things better and can try out the home remedies listed.

7. MY VODAFONE (5.5/10)

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Now this app is obviously restricted to Vodafone users, but I am sure there are many, like me. I love the app because once registered; you can view your bills, plan details, data usage, activate / deactivate services etc from the app. So it saves you the time to call them on the customer service number, or log onto their website etc. You can even pay your bills online. I wish it had more features though, like complaint registration for example.


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I think this app is a MUST HAVE for all us stressed out individuals living in metro cities, living a really hectic life. It basically has many relaxing sound clippings like birds chirping, waves, rain drop, flute, and so on. You can select any one that you find soothing, or combine them to make something you like. You can then set a timer for the period you want it to play. Use it while meditating, practising Yoga or if you find trouble sleeping. If you are new to the city and are used to the sound of crickets chirping, just play the night music! One major flaw I found in the app is that if you close the app it stops playing the music, it should be able to play in the background incase you want to use your phone to do something else. But then thats a great way to see to it you are not letting your mind wander towards the virtual world.  It also has a paid app version with many more melodies to choose from.


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We all are aware of Instagram, the photo sharing app used by so many of us. For showing of your love of food, travel, selfies and what not.  Well, this is a new app created by them to share instagram images privately! Yes! You can say its like twitter DM, but for instagram. I am sure those of you are already addicted to Instagram will love this, others who are not addicted can kindly ignore and move ahead. Just kidding. Well what I don't like about this app till now is that anyone can message you if you have installed it, it should have been that both need to follow each other in order to be able to insta-message.

10. M-Indicator (6/10)


As the logo suggests, this one is only for MUMBAI, so if you stay in Mumbai or are visiting for a few days, you should definitely have this app on your smartphone. The app very nicely compiles Railway, Bus, Auto, Taxi information. It is always up to date along with the Sunday Railway Mega-Block timetable too. It also provides with other information like places to visit or emergency contacts. I use this app daily to check train timings, and it lets me organize my routine very well. The only reason I put this one down as the last is because it is restricted only to Mumbai.

Well, there you go, those were my top 10 favourite android apps at present. I hope you find them refreshingly different from the others.  Please do comment, about your experience with any of these apps, of if there is a app you think is better than the one I talked about! Thank you.


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